Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Trained for Seduction by Mia Downing

I have a HUGE Book Hangover! HUGE! I’m still reeling from reading this book and I can’t find another one to read! I desperately want to read the next one in this series, but since it doesn’t publish until November, I’ll have to wait. DAMMIT!

This story had me reeling from the very beginning. Emma is a wonderful heroine. In many ways she’s jaded as she’s had to deal with her psychotic father, and in other ways she’s sweet, innocent and naïve. All that changes when she meets Chase Sanders.

Emma is innocent in dealing with men, having friendships, and interpersonal relationships in general. She’s worldly in learning how to prepare herself to disappear and survive on her own.

Chase is an alpha male who NEEDS to be in control….of everything… all times. Emma/Kate destroys that control and takes him for the ride of his life.

Mia does a fantastic job of creating characters that pull at you in so many different ways. Her characters are diverse and have more depth than most I’ve ever seen. I love how she separates Emma from Kate, even though they are the same person, they aren’t. Emma represents all that is innocent and naïve while Kate represents what she’s had to do to survive with the limited options available to her. Chase is much the same way. He’s the boss and is often an asshole to those he care about, all in the name of the mission and protecting the American people. He’s also this wonderful, funny, warm, and witty guy that relaxes when away from the office. He loves Emma and Kate and she loves both sides of Chase.

Chase is placed in an interesting and heart-wrenching predicament when he’s told to prepare Kate to be a seductress and send her in to kill someone. Especially when he finds out she’s not expected to survive. Chase does his duty and seduces Kate and along the way falls in love with her. How can he send her off to die, when he loves her? How can he accomplish the mission and get her out alive?

The dichotomy of the characters was phenomenal! I felt every heart breaking decision they made. I hated Chase with Kate and my heart broke when Chase made her hate him.

At one point I had to stop reading because I was crying so much, I couldn’t read the words. Once I calmed down, I finished the book. I stayed up all night just to finish the book to see if Kate and Chase would get their HEA. I HAD TO KNOW!

There were some definite twists and turns in this plot and it had a unique storyline. I’m eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Spy Games series.

Side Note: The BDSM in this very light.

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review! I'm adding this book to my list for tomorrow:)


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