Friday, November 16, 2012

Guess the Indie Event!! Day 8

Welcome to the first ever Guess the Indie Event on My Secret Romance! I am super flipping excited for this! I had thought of doing something for Independent authors for some time now, but I kept finding more and more books that would occupy my thoughts for days on end, so….

So I’m hoping that if this goes well and everyone likes it, then I would LOVE to do another one, since there are soooo many amazing Indie’s out there!

Here’s how the game will go:

  • Each day a new post will go up with small snippets, lines or quotes from books by Independent authors.
  • You will have to guess which book the lines/snippets/quotes are from. Your answer will go in the rafflecopter, that way no one can copy each other.
  • Character names have been removed and replaced with XXX. If you look at the photo at the top, it shows which authors books I’m using, so that may help.
  • Every day with each post, I will be giving a kindle book or paperback book away. Some of the books were purchased by me and some were generously donated by the fabulous authors.
  • The goal of this game/event is for readers to find new indie’s to read. And what’s better than that? Sometimes a few lines from a book will seal the deal for me. Maybe it will for you too!
  • But here’s the catch- the giveaway book will not match the snippets of the post that day…because that just defeats the purpose of this game! But it will also open readers to new authors with is what I'm going for here. Maybe you'll win a book from an author you haven't read yet and fall madly in love with it....
  • The contest will run during the week only. A new winner will be picked each day but I will contact all the winners on Saturday. Seriously, I need to keep what little of my sanity I have left.
  • I will be posting this everyday so no one is confused. :)
 Yesterday's snippet belonged One Pink Line by Dina Silver!!

Here is one snippet with four quotes: 


He groans into his pile of pillows and mumbles, “Keep your mouth right there; I’ll roll over for you.”

Startled, I bolt straight up, but he catches my wrists, pulls me onto the bed and on top of him. If I was hot before, I’m on the dangerous verge of spontaneously combusting right now. I’m sitting with his cock pressed against my bottom and it’s as hard as it was last night. The only difference is that now, he’s not pushing me away. I feel my pulse in my throat, feel my body temperature rise. XXX cradles my face between his hands and guides my face down until it’s a mere inches away from his.

For what seems like an eternity we stay this way—staring into each other’s eyes while I straddle his erection. Does he realize that I’m a hip grind away from breaking my oath? That now that he’s touching me and his fingertips are entwined in my hair and his body is so warm against mine, I can barely function? 

I’d be a liar and a coward if I didn’t admit to myself how good he feels.

And just like that, I’m friends with the enemy’s little worker bee.
The only difference is that now, it’s in person and once it’s over I’ll have to face the real XXX XXX and not the poor excuse I keep in my nightstand drawer or my own fingers.
Then he kisses me with a hunger that makes me want to rip both our clothes off right here and now. “God I could write songs about the way you say that.”
“You’d think they give blow jobs with photo shoots,” I say under my breath.

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