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Close Contact Spotlight!

Today we have Cristal Ryder back on the blog with Cassandra Carr and Cindy Carr talking about her new anthology that's soon to be released, Close Contact. Please welcome her by leaving a comment!

I'm so happy to be back at My Secret Romance. This time I'm bringing some friends with me. Cassandra Carr and Cindy Carr. I'll let you guys do the math on the same last names ;)

This my second anthology with Cassandra. Our first was Public Displays of Eroticism with Sybarite Seductions and it was received really well. So well, in fact, that we decided to do another. Jami couldn't be with us this time around so Cindy stepped in.

Close Contact is a spin on sports and very sexy. We hope you check it out and enjoy reading it as much as we did writing!

Hard-hitting contact sports don't have the only sexy professional athletes. Does the strength and grace of golf, tennis and fencing instructors extend to lustier activities? Find out as they turn these classic sports into full-contact steamy sessions.

Service Ace by Cassandra Carr
Callum Giovanni's professional tennis career is over. He's trying not to be bitter about it, even though it means teaching women more interested in not messing up their hair and nails than a good service. Then Adriana Macy appears, claiming to be a novice, but Callum knows there's more to her than meets the eye. How far does she want to take their personal match? The ball's in her court.

Up to the Hilt by Cynthia Carr
Olympic fencing wunderkind Sebastian Como is Rina Rogers’ last resort to find someone who can instruct her toward her own Olympic medal. All her other trainers have balked, saying she is too impulsive, too unmanageable, too everything. Sebastian recognizes her talent and tells her he'll take her all the way. But does that include his bed?

Playing Through by Cristal Ryder
A relationship is the last thing Lexie is looking for, especially one with a hot cowboy wanting golf lessons. It's all she can do to keep her focus on the game and off Jay’s hard muscled body and devilishly sexy face. But the more lessons they have, the farther his sexy drawl gets under her skin.

Does he feel the attraction too? Mother Nature forces them to seek shelter as the power of nature lets loose around them. Will they go primal and unleash their attraction for one another amidst the rawness of the Rocky Mountains?

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ISBN: 9781301099573

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On sale until Wednesday, November 28th for $2.97


Cristal Ryder's Playing Through

Get a grip, Lexie. He’s a student.
She bit her lower lip and tried not to let her thoughts go to the erotic, but she feared it was way too late for that. Another quick glance at him, and damn if he wasn’t looking at her. He laid his arm along the back of their seats. Under her pale peach golf shirt, the flesh between her shoulders rippled, anticipating his touch. Would he run his fingers down her spine or up to her neck and into her hair? She felt the presence of his hand at her back as clearly as if he touched her. She willed him to and was disappointed when he didn’t.
The sun went behind a cloud, and she glanced up. Doppler had shown a chance of rain or thunderstorms. Wouldn’t that be great—a crashing storm during the lesson would really screw things up.
“It’s beautiful out here, isn’t it?” His words startled her, but oh how she loved to hear him speak.
Keep talking, cowboy. “Yes, it is.”
“Have you been west before?”
The magic of his voice cast some kind of sexual spell over her until she could barely think straight, let alone form cohesive words. “Ah, no.” Lexie concentrated on her driving and her words, which seemed to vanish on her tongue. “First time.”
“What brought you out here?”
“Fluke, really. They offered me a position and I was ready for a change.”
“Lucky me.”
She glanced at him to see if he was teasing and nearly swallowed her tongue. His dark gaze bored into her. Her intuition screamed he would be receptive if she just said the word.

Cassandra Carr's Service Ace

Cal and Adriana enjoyed a fun dinner, their flirting progressing as the meal went on. She needed to make her move, especially since Cal seemed to share her interest. He paid for the meal and they left. Once at the car, he handed her in and then got in the other side.Now or never. She reached over the center console and palmed his cock.
“Shite!” He looked over, his eyes wide.
“Look, I’m not normally this forward, but I want you.” Unable to hide a small smile as his cock swelled in her hand, she looked away. “Well, for more than your tennis expertise.”
“Are you sure?”
“Do you often have women who don’t want you for sex stroking your dick?”
“I don’t often have women stroking my dick for any reason.”
She faced him. “Really?”
“Really.” He swallowed.
“I guess it’s both of our lucky days then.” 

Cindy Carr's Up to the Hilt

Finally, a man who could be no other than Sebastian Como, dressed in a black velvet warm-up suit, strolled out the door. “Holy shit,” she whispered. He was gorgeous. Sex on a spoon. About six-three with dark, curly hair, brilliant green eyes, and a killer smile. Plus, he appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He was awfully young to be a master fencer with his own academy, but she knew his story. Everyone in the business knew about him—boy genius, Olympic star and all, but the photo in the school's website hadn't done him justice by a long shot.
He needed a new photographer. Badly.
She needed air.
He met her halfway across the floor and shook her hand. Zings of heat flew up her arm.
Man candy. Yum. But she couldn't let anything get in her way of success. His royal hotness would have to be stuck in her back pocket until she had time to explore him. Slowly. Very slowly.
Their gazes collided like lasers. Wars could start that way.

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My Review:
I read Public Display of Eroticism a few months ago and found that I really enjoyed considering I'm not a big novella reader. So when Cristal told me she had another one coming out, I agreed to read it. The three spicy sports stories rolled into an anthology makes for fun and erotic reading session!
Cassandra Carr's tennis star, Cal, was forced to retire early from his career because of an injury. He's now teaching at a ritzy sports club giving lessons to snobby woman when a beautiful woman who isn't like the others walks in and catches him off guard. Adriana claims she needs lessons, but her swings are perfect and she nails the ball each what issue is she having?

Cindy Carr's fencing guy, Sebastien, is training Rina, who wants to compete in the Olympics. She's tough and has what it takes. The only problem? She's got a knack for mouthing off which prevents her from getting a real workout in from her past trainers. Well, her new trainer knows exactly what she needs to tame that sassy mouth of hers- him. 

Cristal Ryder's sexy golfer, Jay, not only can swing a stick, but he can tie a rope too. He's a cowboy, he's hot and he's taking golf lessons from Lexie, who can't keep her eyes off of him. Ready to end the day and get away from this strong male with a southern accent, a rain storm stops them in their midst and Lexie has no choice but to wait out the storm with Jay.
Who the hell knew fencing, tennis and golf could be so hot? Surely not I!

I was so surprised with this anthology! Two sports I'm not big on are golf and fencing, and after reading those two sports stories made me want to give it a try. The three ladies who are part of this antho had me quite entertained during my quick read. I found myself smiling and breathing heavy- both at the same time! Close Contact is flirtatious and sensual that will satisfy your craving for a quick and sexy read.


amandakgc said...

This looks good! On my TBR stack.

Sophie said...

Adding it to my TBR pile...Ive heard awesome comments about Cristal Ryder :)


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