Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Disastrous by E.L. Montes

I decided to type in the name Marcus DeLuca in my search engine, and this comes up...

Perfectly fitting.

Marcus...delectable Marcus. This story should be read for him alone and all his deliciousness that surrounds him.

Marcus is fairly young, attractive and a top attorney in the Boston area. He's a very dominate male who radiates power. On the outside to everyone he has it all, but on the inside he's been fighting his own problems for sometime now. He can have it all, anything he wants, and he wants Mia the moment he sets his eyes on her. But there are people in his life who not only have such control over him that makes it so difficult to be with Mia, but who could also potentially ruin the very best thing that has ever happened to him. Marcus wants Mia like never before, so it's a chance he's willing to take to be with her. But Marcus isn't use to these feelings Mia evokes in him. He finds himself wanting to change for her and be a better man, but when things start to fly, he finds the bottom of a bottle to ease his pain. He wants to be the man for Mia, but at whose expense?

Mia is enamored with Marcus almost immediately. Seriously, how could you not be? The guy is smokin'! The deep intensity that connects them is hard to fight and Mia doesn't want to fight it. But she's on reserve and has every right to be. After dealing with the loss of everyone close to her, it's not easy to open up to anyone other than her friend Jeremy. Jeremy has been Mia's one stability in her life and through school; he's her rock.

After agreeing to take a summer internship at Marcus's law office, she starts to notice things are awry with Marcus. He's giving her bits and pieces in their relationship and that's not enough for her. Mia wants it all or nothing. And when she finally gets it all, she is in for a shock that rocks her to her core.

Oh my goodness, what a great book for new Indie author E.L. Montes! I was hooked from the beginning with this story of a forbidden kind of love romance. This book is full of steam, suspense, crazy intense emotions, deep hidden secrets...and I liked it all!

Like really really liked it!

Mia and Marcus hit it off pretty early on only for Mia to discover that she's his new intern in his law office. I actually liked this and I thought it was going to be kept on the down low that they were dating, but it wasn't. I kind of hoped it was though, but that's because I like my books to be a bit devious in nature. Mia and Marcus are somewhat opposite of each other so there are bumps in the road for them. Just when things are starting to smooth out, Mia finds out that Marcus is involved in something so deep that cannot be open with her about it. It's killing Mia that he's keeping secrets from her, meanwhile I was loving that he was. At first when I read the blurb, I thought his whole double life was something else...but I never expected it to be what it was! I was surprised and when pieces were falling together, I knew, I just knew, but prayed and hoped it wasn't true about Mia's brother.

Disastrous is pretty well descriptive in everything, which is something I appreciate. I want to see exactly what the author sees, and I do with this book. There was no second guessing anything! I will admit that some things could have been left out, but in the end it didn't detract from the overall story. I must say, Mia's got style! All I wanted to do was go shopping every time she had a new outfit on.



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Aman said...

I love forbidden romances. I'll surely check this one out. Thanks!


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