Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: When We Collide by A.L. Jackson

William left his family and his home town 6 years ago and never looked back at the reminder of what he lost and the pain he felt. He was broken inside and angry at the world and especially at Maggie. He lived in an unhappy life and had a job he hated… he was living one miserable day at a time. The dreams that wake him every night are haunting him and do not make any sense, or are they not dreams but something else? William finally came back home for a short visit, but stayed longer than planned because a chance encounter has now changed everything he once believed. While his family loves him, they don’t know what happened all those years ago and worry that he will leave again and not look back. He has a hard fight ahead of him and a dangerous one as well, but he doesn’t care he only wants the wrongs of the past to be righted.

Maggie, oh Maggie the life you were forced to live is one I would never wish on another living being. You did what you had to do to protect the ones you loved and sacrificed your own peace, happiness and worth to do it. My heart broke for Maggie so many times that I couldn’t help but feel the pain of the abused she was forced to live through. She is so broken and fragile but at the same time so very strong to do whatever it takes to protect the most precious person in her life, her son, even from the devil himself…. A mother’s love is something so powerful that words cannot begin to describe it.

When Maggie and William still feel the connection and bond that is there between them, even from a distance, they know that the only way to find happiness and the love that they have been missing is to find a way to be together so that they can begin to heal the new and old pains. Will William’s love be able to heal Maggie from all that she has been through or is she too far broken and beaten? There is an old saying that goes “love heals all wounds”, and I have always believed that to be true. A.L. Jackson has proven once again that love does indeed heal all wounds, both physical and emotional when the love that is given is pure and true. Books like Pulled, Take This Regret, and now, When We Collide pull at our emotions and hearts, they show us that love isn’t always perfect and mistake free, and love can hurt on many different levels, but true love is worth the fight we face to finally be happy in the end.


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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - this sounds like an interesting book


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