Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: Rock the Heart by Michelle Valentine

"This next song goes out to the girl who shredded my heart without hesitation back in high school. It's called Ball Busting Bitch, and Lanie, this ones for you."

Those two lines are what sold me. I was madly in love after that.

Rock the Heart totally rocked MY heart.

Cheesy, I know. But for real, I lurrrrvvvved this book! A few chapters in, I found out this was a rekindled/reunited love theme and you know how I feel about that.

After Lanie and Noel separated, it hasn't been easy on either of them. They've both moved on as much as they could but there's a feeling inside them that won't go away. It wasn't an easy break-up by any means. They were their first love, first everything, but when they split they took a piece of each others' hearts. Now It's been four years and Lanie doesn't want to mix business with pleasure. But how long can she could only hold out against Noel's soulful voice and his trained fingers?

Noel is perplexed when he spots Lanie during one of his concerts. He's never gotten over how she left him that night long ago. She didn't have any faith in him then when he told her about his dreams, but here she is. Noel is bitter when it comes to her, yet he cannot fight his attraction one bit and he makes it very clear what his motives are towards Lanie.

Lanie desperately wants to prove she has what it takes to work it in the Marketing field at her new internship. It's her dream job, where her heart is at. She'll take any job her boss offers her, that is, until they tell her she's going to be touring with the band Black Falcon. No way does she want to do this. It's way too personal for her but she wants this job, so she'll do what she needs to. Now that she's in such close proximity with Noel, she finds herself in predicaments she says she doesn't want to be in, but her body screams otherwise.

Things seem to be going as smooth as they can, but a bomb is dropped on Lanie and she wants out. To make matters worse, Lanie finds herself in a bind- she is legally bound to Noel by contract by her employer and by Black Falcon. Now she's stuck with sexy Noel everywhere she looks when she can't stand to look at him after what he did.

A declaration of my love for this book and author is needed right now.

I do.
I really do.

I don't even know where I begin! Rock the Heart surprised me, yet I had a feeling it was one of those books I just knew I was going to like. I was hooked pretty early on with the easy flow of writing and the fun banter between the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the beginning until the last page, where I didn't wanted it to end! The way Noel and Lanie found their way back to each other and the obstacles they were faced with was enough for me, but the side stories with all the band mates and friends made it that much better!

Noel was never able to let go of Lanie, and he made it very clear early on. I loved that. He wasn't afraid to be in her face with his feelings. Though at first, I thought it was all an act. I thought he was just being spiteful because she hurt him all those years ago. Oh, but did he tease her and lead her was hot!

I loved that! Noel's feelings are genuine, but he isn't just about the band. He has problems with his father and his best band mate, Riff. I felt so bad to see Noel struggle in those relationships.

Being on tour was a difficult challenge for Lanie. Noel was the guy that got away but she couldn't allow herself to cave into him. Their chemistry was hot from the start! Gahhh!!! I loved this book!

I had so much fun getting to know the band members of Black Falcon. Each one of the brought something different and fun to the table with their personalities. The twins are a very charismatic duo, easy and fun to be around. Riff...that man thought he was God's gift to woman! Ugh! He drove me nuts in the beginning. But as the story progressed, I saw a different side of him and I realized it was all a facade. I reallllly liked him and I hope the author does a story for him.

To Emily Snow-
Don't worry, as much as I came to love Riff, Noel is the one for me. :)


Maria D. said...

Good review - just heard that song by Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne and this review kind of reminds me of it:)

The Autumn Review said...

Can't wait to read this!!!

Cec said...

This is definitely my kind of read, off to buy it NOW!!
Thanks for the great review and book recommendation!!


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