Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review: Double Time by Olivia Cunning

Trey Mills is the rhythm guitarist for the Sinners, and not only is he the second musical half to Brian “Master” Sinclair, he is also in love with him...even though Brian is happily married to his wife. Trey doesn’t know how to keep his true feelings from Brian any longer. He has decided that he is no longer going to practice his bi-sexual lifestyle and will stay completely heterosexual from this point on.  He is especially determined when he meets Reagan Elliot, who is the new guitarist for his brother’s band at her try out. 

Regaen’s ex, Ethan, cheated on her with another guy. She believes Ethan is strictly gay, but doesn’t know that he too is bi-sexual. Staying 100% committed to Reagan gets harder and harder for Trey when he meets Ethan. Trey must make some tough decisions: Remain true to Reagan but not true to who he is? Or possibly lose Reagan and accept his bi-sexual nature with no regrets and no looking back.

First and foremost, I need to state that as a fan of this series. The fact that the publisher released Trey’s book before Jace’s and Eric’s books and gave away major spoilers really pissed me off.  I love the Sinners on Tour books and really wanted to read about each band members story unfold, but not know the endings before the other books come out.  The publisher did Ms. Cunning and her fans a huge injustice by doing this.

Now with that all said, I LOVED this book!  OMG the sex was panty soaking hot!!  I knew when I started this series that Trey’s book was going to be a great read, especially knowing his love for Brian since book one.  It was also touching to read about Trey and Dare. They've been through a lot together and in my opinion, the closeness is how siblings should be. 

Reagan was a perfect match for Trey. She understood him and his sense of humor as well. Once his true sexual preference was revealed, she flipped, but then she made it so the relationship between her and Trey worked because she knew she loved him and wanted them both to be content and loved. Ethan being a part of their new relationship, in my opinion, solidified it completely.  Ethan was Reagan’s best friend and ex. He loved Reagan just as much as Trey, but he was exactly who Trey needed to finally move beyond his love for Brian.  I loved how they all worked together, not only to make the relationship work, but to help each other career wise as well.

While I am upset that the outcomes of the future books have been revealed, it will not stop me from reading them. If this book is any indication of the hot factor, then Jace’s and Eric’s books are going to be smoking!




lorimeehan said...

Thanks for the review. I really need o read his series.

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I have this book just need to move it up the tbr


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