Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: That Thing Called Love by Susan Andersen

When Jake knocks on Jenny's door for the first time looking for Austin in years, she tries to deny the instant attraction she feels for Jake. Jake, isn’t a saint. He walked away from his son years ago, but he is here now and knows he needs to redeem himself and be the father he was suppose to be. Jake needs his son to warm up to him and the only way to make it happen is through Jenny. What he isn’t prepared for is the attraction he feels for her.  

It took me a while to warm up to this book.  Jenny, who is Austin’s temporary guardian, mind you not even related to him, held a grudge worse than a single parent who became that way after a one night stand. Jake, Austin's father, can do nothing right in her mind. The way she sees it is he should just stay out of Austin’s life permanently, since he never found the time before to actually be a father to Austin.

I was all prepared to hate Jake because of how he treated Austin for the years he wasn't around. But then Jake kind of sneaks his way into my heart and I actually started routing for Austin and him to have a true father son relationship.  Jake made mistakes…he knows that, but what Jenny doesn’t realize is that there were reasons why he left in the first place. No matter what her wishes are, Jake is still Austin’s father and she is a non-relative with temporary guardianship. I honestly didn’t warm up too Jenny until the very end of the book.  In my opinion, she acted like judge, jury and executioner when it came to Jake, and even though she loved Austin like a little brother she overstepped her boundaries on how she acted.  

My heart broke for Austin, and I could understand how he acted towards Jake in the beginning but when he finally warmed up to his dad my heart melted all over again.  

The sexual tension between Jake and Jenny builds and builds until it finally combusted one night.  Neither of them wants to admit at first that there is more than just hot sex between the two. Jake doesn’t do infinite relationships and Jenny doesn’t think love can actually exist after how her parents treated her. It doesn’t help that Jenny judges Jake constantly or that she goes ice cold towards him.  I will admit, while there wasn’t an over load of sex in this book, and personally I hate when the author keeps you hanging, the build up to their first time is well worth the wait.

There's a wonderful meaning behind this book. Susan Andersen makes you want to step back and look at past events where you may have judged others unfairly. People make mistakes because of situations not completely known and then ridiculed for it.  But it's how they step up and prove themselves that they are not that person is what makes them work their way into your heart. 

I believe this book is the first book in a new series called Razor Bay/Bradsaw Brothers series.  I am interested to see what happens between the other characters that were introduced to us in this book.  


Harlie Reader said...

Great review. Susan is auto buy author for me. :)


Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I haven't read anything by this author but I'll definitely add her to my list


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