Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Everyglades by PetIe McCarty

I think this was Petie McCarty's first book....and it was a great story. It is rare that you enjoy a book and learn too. There is a lot to be said for the Everglades. I knew some of the environmental issues but this book gave it a forum. There was also a lot of politics and then of course romance. 

Kayli gets an assignment that she is hoping will catapult her career as a photo journalist. What she did not expect was to have her not so boyfriend Clay to be a dirty player but she never knew she would fall in love for the first time. The guide has issues with work and calls his cousin Skye to be the guide. When they start on the journey they go head to head a few times and seem to make a love/hate relationship at the start.

The cousins and their relationships were explored as well as Kayli's. They all seem to have a "Seminole psychic ability". Skye is half Hispanic and half Seminole and his Mother wanted him to grow up with their beliefs and ideals. His character was hard on the outside and like cousin Jimmy said like a marshmallow inside. The twists and turns kept me very interested and the adventure was well written too.
One of my favorite quotes was between Clay and a political rival Slade "No, I am just trying to establish a career path" Slade waved him off. "First, let's establish what you are. You're a political slut ready to sell your wares to the highest bidder. 
Another was Kayli thinking to herself  "I can only think of this man whom I trust. Even with my life. Why is that? I just met him. What is wrong with me? I only know I don't want this moment to end." Oh Skye, just don't let go. OK panting level very high! The entire plot was held pretty close together even though there were a few point of views expressed. 

This was a real adventure/romance with no over the top sex. 

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review! This sounds like a book I would enjoy reading


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