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Review: Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

Five stars? Please. More like ten stars!

I can’t...I just can’t…

The drama...
The romance...
The cheating...
The deceitful lies...
The romance...
The drama....I LOVED ALL OF IT!

I don't normally add photos to my reviews. While I was reading this book the Olympics were on at the same time and I saw Ryan Lochte's face and said, OMG, THAT'S RAMSEY! Then I decided I couldn't just have a photo of Ramsey and not Jack. So a friend found this photo of Jack, and I must say she is spot on. Those piercing blue eyes and devilish smirk is exactly how Jack is described in Avoiding Commitment.

My heart was shattered and ripped to pieces while my stomach was doing back flips. This book played a number on my heart and I relished in every bit of it. I loved how it hurt!

Avoiding Commitment was PHENOMENAL! Of the countless books I’ve read this year, this book stands out the most. I know I've made declarations like this before, but this time there’s no doubt about it. If I never read another book again, I would be satisfied for all eternity. Okay, well maybe not forever. But this one is special.

Jack and Lexi have a complex relationship. The love and desire they have for each other is obvious. However, it’s overshadowed by the fact that they are both involved in other relationships. Why they can’t just be together is beyond me. They continuously destroy the relationships they’re in. Their love is toxic…the kind that feels so good and you know you should stay away from because it’s nearly killing you, but can't. The air between Jack and Lexi is so dense it was to the point where they are suffocating in each others presence. They want each other with a force that makes it difficult to breathe. There is never a right time for Jack and Lexi to be together…and Jack’s to blame.

Jack is a habitual liar. Nearly every word uttered from Jack’s lips was a lie and she believed him. Each lie was like a lashing to Lexi’s heart. It was painful and heartbreaking for her to bear, but her heart would be sewn back together with the soothing comforting words from Jack. She became vulnerable and powerless under his gaze. Lexi gave him everything he wanted and she got nothing in return. Lexi was blinded by Jack’s passion for her. One touch…one look with Jack’s penetrating blue eyes, a few convincing lines, and Lexi was done. Hell, I was done! I got to a point where I started to believe Jack would finally do right. I thought after all these promises he was making would mean something, but then he does the unthinkable. He sliced open Lexi’s scarred heart for the last time. I hated him for what he did, but it felt so damn good to see Lexi finally lay into him.

Jack and Lexi aren’t the only two players in this story. We meet Bekah and her brother Ramsey along with Chyna, Lexi’s best friend. I can’t say much about these characters other than I want Ramsey to fight for Lexi. I think he has what she needs. Lexi needs to be cherished and loved, not lied to repeatedly with broken promises. But after finding out the scheming plan between Jack, Bekah and Ramsey, I’m not sure if Lexi will open herself to Ramsey. I could not believe my eyes when I read how low and dirty they played Lexi. I will say that Chyna is the perfect best friend! Loved watching their friendship.

My feelings on who Lexie should be with are totally conflicted. On one hand I really want Jack...because's Jack! But on the other hand, I see the way Ramsey looks at Lexi and I know how he feels about her. I think Ramsey genuinely cares for her. So for now, I am TEAM RAMSEY!

This review is possibly the hardest review for me to write to date. I want it make it the best review I’ve ever written, but how am I supposed to gather my thoughts and form words for a book that sits at the top of my favorites now? To say Avoiding Commitment was amazing is an understatement. This is the kind of book I look high and low for and can hardly find. I want a book where it's going to take me on a wild ride emotionally and mentally making me feel and understand what the characters are going through. And this book did that and so much more.

The story and writing flowed flawlessly. We were transported from past to present with each chapter alternating easily. Don’t think you can read a chapter or two and take a break. Oh no! You’ll be reading five or six at one time and still struggle with having to put this book down. The character development was superb and we were not left trying to figure out who they are.

I don't know how I managed the last quarter of this book. It was so powerful and moving and hot! Oh man! I plan to read it again actually. K.A. Linde is a new independent author that I think will quickly rise to the top. Be prepared for the impact her words will have on you. Avoiding Commitment was intoxicating and sensational! She is also one of my favorite new authors now and will be buying every book she puts out. What is it with all these independent authors lately?

Favorite lines-

"Do we have to talk about Clark?" she whispered.
"We don't have to, but you know my end of the story. You were the only one I saw when I closed my eyes," he said bringing his hand up to cup her chin and titling her head up to look into his crystal blue eyes,
"Then why wasn't I enough when they were open?" she asked another tear welling in her eyes.

"Does he mean all that to you?" Chyna whispered wringing her hands.
"He's always meant everything to me."

"You'll never change," she snarled. She couldn't believe the words had come out of her mouth. She had been thinking them all along, but the words struck too close to home for their relationship.
"Maybe I already have," he growled back walking forward and pushing her forcefully against the cement wall. His hand reached down, hitched her left leg up around his waist, and pushed himself against her.

"No matter what you do, it will never make up for what has happened between us. I will never trust you. I will never again be comfortable around you. I will never look at you or think of you without considering the destruction you have train wrecked through my life." -Lexi

These two songs are so vastly different yet so perfect for this book-

Bottom line- READ THIS BOOK!


Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review

Nicole Reads said...

I came across this review by chance and I'm so glad I did. I am looking forward to buying and reading this book now. I also like drama and lies. Thanks!

Wendy said...

Heard all about this book from a friend. Jack and Ramsey are smoking hot! I will have to keep these guys in mind when I read the book. thanks

Isabella Day said...

I like how you added the songs to the review, very cool. It tells a lot about the book but in different ways. I can't wait to read this book. Great review!

Anonymous said...

This book was so good! I need the 2nd book! Where did you get it?

Irene Velazquez said...

Happy Birthday Taryn!!


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