Tuesday, August 7, 2012

ARC Review: Hell On Wheels by Julie Ann Walker

Hell On Wheels is intriguing, action packed, full of drama and deception.

Black Knights Inc., operating under the guise of a custom motorcycle shop, is a special group of covert operatives.  Battered, bruised and heartbroken, Nate Weller just returned home from his last mission.  His best friend, Grigg, didn’t make it back.  Now Grigg’s sister, Ali, is in danger.  Only Nate and the Black Knights team can help her.  Racing against time, an assassin, and a power hungry politician, Nate protects her.  Too bad he can’t shield his heart. 

Oh my gosh this story was fun!  It was fast paced and full of action.  The author did her research when it came to weaponry.  And come on!  We have motorcycles and hot Black Ops Nate in chaps.  Hello!  This is book 1 in the Black Knights Inc. series, so there is a lot going on.  The author is building her world for these guys.  We get multiple points of view; making this book a bit rocky.  But don’t let that deter you.

The overall storyline is exciting.  On top of it all Nate has been in love with Ali for as long as he can remember and vice versa.  But Grigg warned him to stay away from his sister.  Even if Nate gave in to his heart, he carries a secret home with him from his last mission.  Something that is unforgivable in his mind.  When you learn Nate’s secret your heart will break for him.  This man is all hero!

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - this looks really good - love the cover!


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