Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

The Siren is one of the most evocative books I have ever read. It sheds a whole new light on erotic romance, a genre I already liked but am now really looking forward to reading more of. Erotic Romance authors beware, there's a new author in town.

Bloody hell. I cried....I cried!

I must be the only person who shed tears, not once, but a few times while reading The Siren. What is wrong with me?? The only possibility I could come up with for the tears was even though this book doesn't have the happily ever after/flowers and chocolates ending to it, I still saw the deep connection of love between the characters. I understood why the story ended the way it did. And to be honest, if all the characters did ride off into the sunset, I would have been pissed off. Instead, a collaring took place and a hospital visit was involved. This was so moving, my chest ached and my stomach was in knots. What an extremely beautiful and dark love story to read.

There are a three important notes you must read before reading this book:

1. This is not a romance novel. The characters love each other very deeply but in their own ways. It's actually very beautiful to read. Take note- THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE NOVEL.

2. There is no HEA. In fact, I would say this is an Anti-HEA book. If you need your HEA to end with the couple riding off into the sunset, then do yourself a favor and do not read this book. There are no long walks on the beaches either.

3. The most important note you need to know- This is not for the faint of heart. If you think you've read Dark Erotic BDSM stories with heavy S&M before, well think again. This is one the darkest book I have ever read and I have a feeling you will agree with me if you read it. This is extreme S&M, but sensually done right. It won't leave you cringing or holding your breath, you'll only be begging for more.

If you can over look those notes, which I highly encourage you to, then I would say you have a winner! The Siren is unlike anything I have ever read. A true memorable read and a force to be reckoned with- no joke. 

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Thanks for the review - of course now you know I will want to read this just because of all your


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