Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review: Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire

Beautiful Disaster is a wonderful name for this story as it fits it perfectly! Abby Abernathy is trying to start over where no one knows her. She wants nothing more than to escape her father and her past. When she meets Travis at college,she takes an instant dislike to him as he represents everything she’s trying to get away from.

Overtime they become best friends. They do everything together. Abby can’t imagine her life without Travis in it and he can’t imagine his life without her. They finally decide to take their relationship to the next level, more than friends.And what a beautiful disaster that turns out to be!

This is a wonderful story about two people who are so in love with each other but can’t admit it to themselves. Travis is messed up and has so many emotional problems.Abby wants a chance at normalcy and Travis is anything but normal.

I found myself crying through this book and had to keep wiping the tears out of my eyes. I was touched and moved by their story. They both kept making mistake sand hurting each other. It was killing me to watch them, while at the same time I had to keep reading to see if they would ever work it out.

Abby is a wonderful character that is weak when it comes to having Travis in her life but strong about not taking any crap from him. Travis has a reputation and no one sees the real Travis, except for Abby. She sees Travis for who and what he is. She accepts him for everything he is. While she does see the real Travis and accepts him for what he is, she’s no doormat who just puts up with anything. She pushes back at him and has a take no prisoners attitude.

Their HEA was wonderful. While the ending was not a complete surprise to me, I was extremely pleased with it. I just found out some wonderful news. Ms. McGuire is releasing a second story and it is supposed to be from Travis’s Point of View! I’m so excited about this!

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I love the cover of this book and wondered what it was about - adding it to my list


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