Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Hot Mess by Lynn Raye Harris

Hostile Operations Team is a group of alpha-men in uniform who do highly secretive and dangerous things to protect the US. They’re also hot and falling in love! For some reason, they can drop behind enemy lines, take out the bad guys and never get worried. Yet, when faced with a woman they love, they become fraidy cats!

Georganne has been in love with Sam for years and years. In fact, she’s been in love with him since she was 12 years old. Now, it’s 18 years later and he’s coming back in her life. This time it’s to keep her safe.

When they’re thrown together in a safe house the sparks fly. Georganne wants Sam. Sam, bless his heart, can’t resist her.

I did get irritated with Sam. He’s the poor kid from the wrong side of town. Even though, Georganne’s family never thought of him like that, he still does. He won’t let it go.

Georganne was the right mix of independent woman with a bit of vulnerability. She was willing to fight for what she wanted, Sam. Sam was trying to do what he thought was right. He just needs to get his head out of his ass. He did end up being a jerk at times to her, but he did apologize. He was definitely a Hot Mess.

There wasn’t a lot of conflict in this one. It is a relatively short story, so it’s not surprising there wasn’t much conflict.  I did miss the added tension of car chases and things blowing up, but that’s just me.

I’m really excited about this series and I’m looking forward to more of them!

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