Monday, November 18, 2013

Review: Saved by Sin by Susan Hayes

Saved by Sin is a different kind of read for me. Paranormal books are not a stretch for me at all. However, I’ve never really gotten into books with ghosts. Even when I was reading Stephen King all the time, I never read about ghosts.

I’m happy to say Saved by Sin popped my ghost cherry!

Michelle has an ex-boyfriend that is so intent on keeping her, that’s he’s made the ultimate sacrifice to do it. He’s committed suicide and he’s come back to haunt her. In an effort to keep her sanity, she runs to the family cabin. Here is where she meets Sinjin as he’s recovering and recuperating from injuries.

Michelle and Sinjinn have an insta-love connection. As in less than 24 hours insta-love connection.  The why of this insta-love connection is explained later in the book. Since this is a paranormal romance, complete with ghosts, I can work with the explanation.

While I definitely enjoyed this book and plan to read more from this series and the author Susan Hayes, there were some things I would have liked to have seen in the book. I like a lot of tension in books I read. Whether that tension is sexual, emotional, or physical, doesn’t matter. I like intense situations in books. There were lots of opportunity to really increase the tension in this book, but emotional and sexual. I would have LOVED to have seen that. Now, that being said, it’s still a good book without the intense tension.

I love the name of the security firm Sinjin works for. They name and what it means is awesome and perfect for this agency. I also really like the reason for the name and why the people hired to work there were hired. It gives it more meaning. Makes it personal to the people who work there.

Sin is the perfect tortured soul. He makes mistakes but does them with the best intentions. Michelle is great as well. She needs help, but refuses to be a victim. She takes control and stands up for herself.

The cast of secondary characters are great as well. I can’t wait to get their stories! We only met a few of them, but based on the first story and the number of peoples that work for the Paladins, there is plenty of room for more stories.

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