Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Freedom to Submit by Melody Snow Monroe

Menage? BDSM? Love ‘em both. Put them together and I’m in! I was really looking forward to this book and couldn’t wait to read it.

It started off nicely with a little murder and mayhem to bring our two alpha-males together with their new little sub! In order to protect her, they move her in with them. The very first night things get started!

In some ways from that point things went a little wonky and other things went well. The sex scenes were spicy. A couple of them were a bit hard for me to imagine as what I was imagining didn’t match up exactly with later parts of the scene. The bondage, blindfolds and spankings were definitely hot though!

The connection between the heroes and heroine were a little off. I had a hard time connecting with them. It also felt like the relationship was a bit forced in certain areas.

There were a couple of things that really bothered me. Both men, Brady and Lucas, are alpha-males and doms. They are ex-military and Brady is now the sheriff. Why do I point this out? After Danisa had been held at gunpoint and then run for her life, Brady contained the bad guy and then left Danisa on her own. He didn’t call Lucas or anyone else to be there with her. The adrenaline rush and subsequent crash would have left her shaking, but she was fine. Like it was an everyday occurrence. The second thing that really bothered me was the ending. When Lucas and Brady proposed to Danisa, they said as is tradition in Freedom, the older one marries the woman but she’ll be bound to both of them. However, no where else in the book was there a mention that menage was common practice in Freedom. There was no mention of other couples or this being accepted. It seemed forced and contrived at that point.

Now, even with the things that bothered me about this book, I’m still looking forward to the series. I think it has great potential and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. I think this will be a fun series to read.

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