Monday, November 25, 2013

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Funny Business by: Desmond X. Torres

Artie is a cop and is proud of his job and he has written a book, one that overnight seems to have taken off over night.  The problem? Artie wrote a romance novel under a female pen name Desiree Robb and he has to keep up the charade so that he can make it big.  He needs someone to be Desiree so he asks Marie, and she makes him pay for her services.  This whole situation is getting out of control and fast and without her help he doesn’t know how he will pull it off. 

Marie is a mechanic and a damn good one.  She is also now the face of Desiree Robb and is spending time with Artie.  Artie makes her insane and makes her act like a raving bitch at times, but is there more between them then this act they are putting on? 

Artie’s character was very loveable and I could almost picture him in my mind especially when he would have to take certain steps to get in the right frame of mind to write his book.  (Let’s just say I will never look at a pink robe the same again.)   He took a chance on something most guys wouldn’t do, he wrote a romance novel and published it himself.  He created the Desiree Robb pen name, he didn’t want the guys to know what he had did.  He wasn’t ashamed but he didn’t want to share what he had done either.  When everything happened so fast, he was shocked.  Little did he know there was more behind it all then just his book being that good.  Artie also had the sweetest crush on Marie, and personally I think he deserved his shot with her even when she wasn’t nice to him.

Marie could be a hard bitch at times, she had a temper, flies off the handle at the drop of a hat and wants nothing to do with Artie romantically.  She is constantly bitchy to him and honestly I started to think to myself you are going to lose him girl if you don’t check your shit.  She helps Artie out with the whole Desiree Robb situation but it’s for a price.  When she starts to give Artie a chance she sees that he is more than just a cop, that he is a sweet guy and knows how she is acting to him is wrong.

What poor Artie and Marie doesn’t know is that there is more behind the quick success.  There is the Russian mob, a bunch of wanna be gangsters, a Geek all a part of what is going on. 

Funny Business is a cheesy, at times corny book that at the same times is cute and funny.  This is not your typical romance novel by any means but I still really liked it.  I rolled my eyes numerous times and had a couple snort moments like seriously but I had a grin on my face while reading this book.  If you are looking for a quick laugh and an overall cute read then pick up Funny Business.


A former New York City cop, Desmond X. Torres will neither confirm nor deny his ownership of a blonde wig and pink bathrobe.

He always wanted to be an astronaut, but the closest he ever got was being called a space shot.

In his spare time, he enjoys mixed martial arts, motocross racing, and base jumping from tall buildings. He has a great cable TV package. And beer. He loves beer. And nachos. He really loves nachos.

He’d better say he loves K.D. McLean too or she’s going to brain him.

He has been writing since he can remember. It started in primary school. Penmanship has always been important to him - it’s a lost art.

His motto for life is – “I’m going to live forever.”

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