Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Soft Sounds of Pleasure by Eden Connor

What happens when everyone you’ve ever loved goes away? They either leave, move out, move on, die or just disappear. How do you ever risk loving again?

Lila’s husband has been dead for 9 months. But before he died, she spent 3 years taking care of him after his accident. She never left his side. She was never unfaithful.

Colton has been in love with Lila for 10 year. She was never available, she was married. Now that she’s a widow, all bets are off and Colton plans to win.

This is an interesting story. We have an older woman and a younger man. We have two people who have been plagued with loss their entire lives. Yet, they’re falling in love with each other.

The obstacles Colton and Lila faced are similar to problems faced by many other couples. Loss, public opinion, family opinion, misunderstandings and just learning to navigate the other person. We all have baggage and whoever we’re with have to learn to navigate that baggage. The trick is learning to let go of your baggage to enjoy what you have in front of you. Colton and Lila learn to do that.

There are some pretty hot scenes in this one. Let me recount them, the deck, the garage, the deck, the bed, the pond and others. They were definitely adventurous in this one and it was HOT.

Often times books will leave you with something far longer than the pages of the book. This is one of those books. Hug the one you love. Tell them you love them. Keep them close to your heart. Don’t be afraid to let go and take a chance. All important things to remember as you go through life.

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miki said...

sounds like an emotional reads but i really appreciate she stayed faithful no matter what ( and colton respected that even better)....then i can only hope she get her hea....

i will have to try this one one day so thank you for the discovery!


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