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Blog Tour and Review: Try by Ella Frank

OH MY GOD! Ella Frank can write a seriously hot, emotional and suck you in romance. For me, everything Ella Frank writes is good, really good. In fact, she’s one of the few authors that is a read automatically. Anything she puts out.

This time Ella has ventured into the world of Male/Male Romances. And she made quite the impact with it. I enjoy M/M romances, but prefer M/F romances. After reading Try, I may be permanent convert to M/M romances only. It. Was. That. Hot.

Logan leads a hedonistic lifestyle. He does what he wants, when he wants. Or I should say he does who he wants, when he wants. And they flock to him. He exudes confidence, cockiness and sexuality. It just radiates off him and people are drawn to him, men and women.

Tate is trying to get divorced, she won’t sign the papers. He’s straight, his family is conservative and he just wants to be left alone. Logan sees Tate. Logan wants Tate. Logan doesn’t leave Tate alone.

Logan’s pursuit of Tate had a single minded focus and intensity that would put a heat seeking missile to shame. He doesn’t let the fact that Tate is straight stop him from pursuing him. Tate didn’t stand a chance.

When Tate and Logan finally get together it is OH MY GOD HOT! Give me a glass of water, turn on the A/C on high and get a fan. Be prepared for your book to spontaneously combust.

But it’s not the just sex between Tate and Logan that’s so addictive. Their interactions draw you in. They fight on so many things and in a wide range of ways. But once they finally start talking, it’s the sweetest thing. It will make your heart melt.

Each of them has to grow in a different way. Each is in new territory and has to find their way. While charting this new territory, they end up hurting each other, pissing each other off and almost coming to blows. But as they fine their way, they always find their way back to each other.

This is a MUST READ!

"Everytime we do this, it convinces me that I'm exactly where I need to be."
There's that saying, "write what you know". Well this doesn't apply to Ella. She took a chance and stepped into the m/m world and I applaud her for one helluva story. Ella wrote a story that ensnared me with the way she portrayed a confident and arrogant bisexual man and a straight man to come together(pun intended) and just Try with one another. If you've never read a m/m story, this is a great start to this genre.

Tate works at a bar that local man whore Logan frequents. Immediately Logan is attracted to Tate while Tate is oblivious. Tate just sees Logan as a person who tips really well and wants to keep as a regular customer while Logan wants Tate as somebody who he is sexually attracted to and wants to take that sexual step with him. Logan is straight forward and the smooth talker. Tate is hesistant and kinda shy because he's never had sexual feelings for another man but Tate can give Logan a run for his money in his "pillow talk". Now for me the thrill of this book was the bantering, the chase AND when the foreplay AND the sex which is basically in the whole book. Let's get down to the nitty gritty...the sex. Aye Dios Mio, it was Caliente...HOT! The visuals I got...*walks in freezer*

But this story is not all about sex. It's about self discovery. It's stepping out of your comfort zone and just trying something new and different that could be the best thing for you. I love how honest they were with each other. When something wasn't right with both, they talked it out and sexed it out. The word Try works for Tate and Logan. Tate, to try a relationship with a man. Logan, to try a relationship.

Ella has kept my attention with her writing and this is another series that will most definitely be on my TBR pile.

Meet Ella Frank

I am the author of the Exquisite Series, including Exquisite, Entice and Edible. I also released my first Erotic Novel, Blind Obsession in March 2013.

I'm a happily married woman and mother to a crazy cat. I've been writing ever since I fell in love with falling in love, and I credit that to my Nan, who handed me my first romance novel.

Currently, I reside in the Southern portion of the United States.

Excerpt for Try by Ella Frank

Logan stroked his slippery palm up Tate’s engorged length, watching his face go from sexual torment to one of pure, unadulterated lust while his hips moved, driving his cock through Logan’s fist.

“Open your eyes,” Logan demanded as he continued to pump his hand up and down.

Tate’s brown eyes opened, catching on his, and Logan could tell that he’d finally let go of all thoughts and was just feeling in this moment.


“Fuck yes,” Tate rasped, right before he cupped Logan’s face and tackled him backward onto the bed.

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