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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Knight's Sinners (MC Sinners #3) by Bella Jewel


Jackson is always considered the 'softie'. He's the first to help people out when they're in need. He's President of the Hell's Knights and is tired of being treated like a pushover. He wants to show the world how much of a sinner he can be.

Serenity has a dark past. Secrets haunt her and she has no way of escaping them. Hogan is the only family she knows and life with him is brutal. And it's about to get worse.

He sends her on a mission.

On a mission to destroy the Hell's Knights and the Heaven's Sinners.

Can she pretend with a club she doesn't know?

Or will she betray Hogan?


 “You want the truth?” I rasp, arching up as his fingers slide down my belly.


“Right now, in this moment…I want you to fuck me.”

He lifts his head and raises his brows. “Fuck you?”

“Fuck me. Dirty. Raw. Primal. I want you to fuck me.”

“Jesus,” he growls.

“Now, Jackson.”

“Bossy pixie,” he grins, leaning down and finding my hard nipple again.


“Back to begging, you know I like that.”

I mewl, and grip his jeans, tugging at them.

“Hey,” he says, gripping my hands and moving them. “You want fucking, I’ll fuck you darlin’. I’ll fuck you so hard you will forget how to breathe, but we do it my way. You want it raw, I’ll give it to you raw. You want it primal, that’s how it comes. Fucking ain’t slow and passionate. It’s hard and sweaty. So, if you’re sure, I’m goin’ to fuck you right about now.”

I bite my lip, and nod. He grins, and drops his head, capturing my lips again and kissing me so hard it takes my breath away. His tongue is hard, sexy and forceful. His body is flush against mine, and I can feel every, hard bit of him. He kisses me until we’re in a frenzy, just the way fucking should be. He kisses me until I’m clinging to him, tugging at his jeans. He kisses me until my shirt is in shreds on the floor, and he’s spreading my legs, both of us desperate and panting.
I forget where I am. I forget who I am.
Our Reviews:

In the third and final installment of the MC Sinners series we finally have Jackson’s book.  Jackson is the President of the Hell’s Knights.  He may be older but hot damn this man is still hot and sexy.  Let me repeat that, this man is HOT and SEXY!  He is also the one person that if you need him he will help you out any way he can.  Now, don’t take that as him being a pushover because he is anything but, he can be as ruthless as they come when he needs to be.  He has been hurt in the past and wasn’t looking for an old lady but the second Serenity enters the picture he is fighting what he feels.  He is older than she is, hell she is almost the same age as his daughter Addy, but he can’t fight his attraction for her.  He steps up to protect her, but when he finds out the truth of who she is will he be the ruthless man he can be or will what he feels for her be enough to see past her betrayal?
Serenity is the daughter of the Hell’s Knights and Heaven’s Sinners enemy.  Her father is cruel, abusive, and does not care who he hurts to get his revenge.  Serenity has no choice but to do what her father says even though doing so is breaking her heart.  She begins to fall in love with Jackson, she doesn’t want him or anyone in his club or Spike’s to get hurt by her father.  There is so much more to Serenity than her connection to her father, but can Jackson see past her father when he learns the truth?
The connection between Jackson and Serenity is instantaneous.  I loved how he was protective of her and wanted to take care of her when she was hurt. The sex between them smoking hot from the start and only got hotter each and every single time.   Serenity was perfect for Jackson as well.  Even though she was sent in as a way for her father to attack Jackson’s club she is more pure hearted even though she has lived through her own version of hell at the hands of her father. 
When Jackson learns who Serenity really is and what other secret she shares, while his reaction is understandable, what happens next made me want to kick his ass myself.  I will admit in Hell’s Knights Jackson is my least favorite character, and for a while there I thought I was going to hate him yet again and then he proved why he is such a good man after all and redeemed himself in my eyes. 
OMG when I first started this series I thought Hell’s Knights was going to be my favorite book because hello Addy and Cade were hot as sin.  Then I read Heaven’s Sinners and hello I wanted a Spike of my own, and thought ok this is going to be my favorite book of the series hands down.  Well. I. Was. Wrong.  Knight’s Sinners is my absolute favorite of this series.  I am so upset that Bella Jewel is not going to be continuing with these sexy as sin MC’s as I for one couldn’t get enough.  If you haven’t read this series, please add it to your TBR list cause I personally have loved this bunch of hot as sin MC’s.

OMG! Out of all the MC Sinners books thus far, this one is the hottest! This one definitely burned up my Kindle!
Serenity is Hogan’s daughter. Hogan is the person responsible for killing Spike’s wife, Cheyenne who is also Ciara’s sister. Hogan has also wreaked havoc on both MC’s. Let’s add in the fact Hogan is a mean SOB. He’s abusive and doesn’t care about anyone. So, he sends Serenity into Spike and Jackson’s compound to get information.
Jackson and his family being what they are, are suspicious, but they won’t turn away someone who needs help. They’re kind-hearted people who take care of those who need it. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll also kill anyone who crosses their path. They may be kind-hearted but they are by no means sweet, innocent men!
Serenity and Jackson have an instant attraction to each other. They both fight it but for different reasons. As Serenity grows closer to Jackson, she realizes they are not like her father and his gang. They’re good people. They just happen to do bad things a lot of the time. As opposed to Hogan who is bad people and does bad things.
Once Serenity and Jackson give in to their attraction, they burn up the sheets. It wasn’t just HOT it was OMG HOT!
Jackson and Serenity are great together. They both have challenges they have to overcome. We have some angst and tears when Jackson finds out who Serenity is. They have to work through it. Serenity also has the added bonus of dealing with her father and all his actions.
This is a rough romance. It’s dirty, not romantic by any stretch of the imagination and unbelievably good. I think this is my favorite MC Sinners book thus far. One thing to note about Ms. Jewel, she doesn’t hesitate to kill of her book characters. Even the ones you love. So, be prepared, Ms. Jewel doesn’t pull any punches and she makes sure it’s realistic.
There is a Christmas Novella coming out December 23rd. This will be in Muff’s POV. I can’t wait to see how the Sinners celebrate Christmas. Be sure to watch for it!

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Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights will be released in August 2013.


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