Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Heaven's Sinners by Bella Jewel

Everyone has a past.
Everyone has someone they loved and lost.
What if the person you loved and lost is back in your life?
How do you get past the hurt to find that love again?

Ciara and Spike have one of the hardest, most difficult pasts ever. Many years ago they were best friends. They both wanted the other but were too afraid to act on it. Then Ciara’s sister, Cheyenne, decided she wanted Spike. Now, Cheyenne is dead, Spike and Ciara hate each other, and the drama continues.

This story killed me. I cried through nearly the entire thing. Ciara and Spike just kept hurting each other. They couldn’t stop! I wanted to hit them both upside the head. Just when they would start to make progress, one of them would say something stupid and mess it all up again.

I do love how Ciara handled Spike on several occasions. Instead of running, she faced him head on with a smile on her face. It left Spike reeling, not knowing what was going on.

Once Spike and Ciara finally got together it was great. Spike held nothing back and Ciara gave as good as she got. It was intense. The whole story is intense. It’s full of heart-ache, mistakes, forgiveness, and moving forward. It takes a lot of courage and a big heart to be able to forgive someone. To be able to move past the things Ciara and Spike did to each other is phenomenal.

In case you’re wondering why he’s called Spike, you’ll have to read to find out. I guarantee you’ll be left with your mouth hanging open. I know mine was.

Ciara also manages to make friends with one of the guys in Spike’s MC, Muff. He was a great secondary character and I’m really hoping he gets his own story. He was a riot!

Of course we still see Addi and Cade in this one. I love seeing the past couples in series show up again. They’re not just secondary characters that make an appearance, they have a significant role in this story and I like it. I like knowing they were left behind in their own story. I like that they continue to live on in the following stories.

I only have one complaint about this story. The level of cussing went up dramatically. I don’t remember it bothering me in the first one. But this one, it feels like every other word was the f-bomb. Cussing in stories doesn’t usually bother me, but at one point I had to put the book down because it was just too much.

We have what appears to be a resolution to the problem Spike had. We don’t know for certain, just an assumption on the part of the MC Club. We’re left with them working on finding out for certain. No big cliffhanger, just a little uncertainty. We also leave Ciara and Spike with the HEA. Even though they’re big bad bikers, and they’ve done some pretty crappy things in their lives, you still love them. You still want them to have the HEA. They’re completely heartless. In fact, they almost seem….normal.

I’m thrilled to say I have the next one in the series in my hot little hands. I’ve moved on to Knight’s Sinner and I must say, it’s starting off with a bang.

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