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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Barely Surviving by Courtney Cross

“He was captivating, scorching hot and wickedly tempting. The epitome of power and strength encased in the body of an angel and he had possessed me. Need for him coursed through my veins white hot and I had been incomprehensively burned”

Our connection had been instant, intense and all consuming, seriously unexplainable to most, but crystal clear to us.

 Jonah Jacobson was the summation of all my fears, nightmares and smouldering deep desire. After living a life that knew only pain, violence and fear inflicted by successful, power driven men, everything he signified should have repelled me but it didn’t.

The driving force of our bodies needing to merge was immediate from the day he walked into my life. I was beyond wealthy, heiress to millions, but inside I was a numb, empty shell that he saw. He saw what lay within, the poison that runs through my veins. He saw the real me. And still he wanted me anyway.

But I also had secrets. Secrets I believed, if they were to be released, would shatter both our lives and destroy the tangible pulse of vibrant male sexuality the other half of my soul required to live.

Jonah had his own torment to bear, his own tragedies and heartbreak to carry. Both tired of barely surviving, my biggest fear was if our secrets were to be unleashed and truths were told, the lifeline he gave me would break and so would my heart, Forever.

‘Barely Surviving’ is the first novel in a two part series that follows the lives of a career driven, sexually virile alpha male and a strong willed, sensual female. Their connection is instantaneous, sexually charged and highly electric. Both characters are products of tragic childhoods who struggle to shake the shackles of their past and begin to live in the present. In each other they discover the other half of their soul, the one person alive who calls to their bodies and minds like no other. Driven to stop ‘barely surviving’ and begin living, they attempt to put their pasts where they belong and merge into the world of the living with each other.
“What the hell is your problem?” With my arms crossed over my chest in a stock still pose my voice was almost a shout.
“My problem, are you shitting me?” Jonah’s voice was the opposite of mine, low steady and intimidating. He stood slightly in front of the door, his suit jacket opened, hands shoved in his pants pockets and his stare fixated on its target………me. “Don’t for one second make out like this is all my doing Ava, you know you were in the wrong too.”
“For what? Having a life? You have no idea how hard just getting to this point today as been for me and now you’ve destroyed it you asshole.”
“I have no idea about anything where you’re concerned. You keep shutting me the fuck out. You have to let me in if you expect me to understand.”
“The hell I do,” my chin lifted, defiance blaring in my eyes, “I don’t owe you jack shit and I certainly don’t have to do anything just because YOU say so.” He was pushing my patience to the max and my tolerance of his behaviour to its limits.
His mouth curled, luscious and dangerous, “You’re seriously turning me on right now but that would be an unwise thing to do.”
Every muscle within my groin clenched in fierce response to his threat. My heart beat wildly, my body desperate for contact. Reaching behind me I backed up until I felt the desk top and steadied myself against it. I held back the urge to lunge at him, beg for the relief I only found when we connected, but I was too strung out to trust myself. The last time that happened, the marks I left behind still haunted me. Defiling him again was not going to happen.
“Stop.” His warning brought me back to the present. His posture was tense as his hands fisted restlessly at his sides. He was holding back, giving me space, but the frown on his forehead and the harsh lines of his mouth showed it was hard for him to do.
“Stop what?” The answer I knew but I asked the question anyway.
“Stop restraining yourself. I need you to lose control with me.”
I was struggling to breathe, “I can’t. You can’t ask that of me Jonah.”
Stunning sapphire eyes softened, his chest rising and falling with every breath. “I don’t want your submission Ava just the knowledge that you need me as painfully as I need you.”
My eyes glistened with tears. The emotional rollercoaster I’d stepped onto since first succumbing to the magnetic pull between us was beginning to bear heavily. “Don’t make me need you, you’re already too much.”
“Too much?”
“This,” I motioned between us, “this is too much.”
“You’re not ending things sweetheart, I won’t let you,” he breathed.
“Continue as you have today and you’ll be the one ending things.” I blinked back the tears, “Things are too heavy too fast. You’re smothering me Jonah.”
He surged towards me, crushing me to him. My body melted, relaxing against his. Pushing my butt onto the desk top my legs opened to accommodate him. An arm wrapped around my waist the other cradling the back of my head. He was hard and ready, his hotness scorching at the entrance to my sex. My greedy clit pulsated against his thick length. I gasped at a roll of his hips, the motion stoking my desire and hunger for him.
Pulling back his hands cupped my cheeks. Staring intently into my eyes his desire and hunger matched my own.
 “God I need you so much,” he confessed with a dark whisper.
“Show me,” I pleaded, “And make it quick.”
My Review:
Ava is barely surviving through her life as she tries to move on from that horrific night when things for her will never be the same again.  She survived physically but emotionally she is shut down.  She has no need for emotions, especially love.  Why would she, no one has ever showed her what love should be.  For her, it made her life a living hell. All she has known is pain in one form or the other.  She can be a major bitch, her secrets have made her be this way.  When she meets Jonah, the attraction between them is instant.  Too bad she can’t and won’t act on it, he the type of man that can cause her so much more pain, but can she really fight him for long?
Jonah is handsome, successful, dominating and the person who is handling the matter that brought Ava to his office in the first place.  Jonah wants Ava, he pursues her and is relentless until she gives in.  There is something about Jonah, he has his own secrets.  He loves Ava, or is there more to his attraction?  When Jonah’s secrets are revealed they have the power to destroy everything he has with Ava.
The pain that Ava was going through I could never imagine.  She survived something so vile that it is understandable why she is the way she is.  She needed to have the hard walls up around herself to protect her.  When she finally allows those walls to crumble with Jonah I was so happy, well that was until Jonah’s secret came out and he royally screwed things up. 
Jonah, holy hot damn.  This man is sex himself.  He craves Ava and can’t get enough of her.  He has his secrets but deep down he is a good guy.  He in his own way is barely surviving, just as Ava is.  I wanted him to win Ava and make her see that love can heal and that what he felt was true.  I wanted a Jonah for myself, well that was until his secrets are revealed and I swear I screamed out “you are an asshole how could you” and threw my kindle, only to pick it right backup to see what was going to happen next. 
The ending, holy shit can you say cliffhanger?  I want to know what happens right freaking now!  Now! Now! Now!
I felt so many emotions while reading Barely Surviving.  I cried one minute, was pissed off the next, my heart was breaking and my stomach was in knots.  I was enthralled from the prologue and could not put my kindle down.  It is not easy to read at times, it’s painful and heartbreaking.  It makes you want to start living your life and not let the past break you.
I'm tired of just surviving sweetheart, it's time to start living – Jonah
Courtney Cross has made me an instant fan of hers.  I want the second book, Divinely Living, to come out right this second so that I can continue on the rollercoaster ride of emotions that Barely Surviving has brought me on.  Please put this on your TBR lists as it will not disappoint, that I can promise you.

Author Bio:
Courtney Cross is a 36 year old mother of three wonderful boys who earlier this year fulfilled a lifetime ambition by putting the workings of her dirty mind into her first erotic romance novel. She is an avid reader of many genres and when not reading or writing, she can be found hanging around football pitches watching her three sons indulge in their passion. With a love of all things erotic, thought provoking and emotionally charged as well as a believer in pushing boundaries, she hopes to be able to continue sharing the workings of her naughty mind with readers of her novels for a long time to come!

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