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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Rapture (McKenzie Brothers #2) by Lexi Buchanan

Sebastian is a player. He does not do commitments. One night stands are more his speed. All this changes, however, when he meets Carla. Carla captures his attention from the beginning. He immediately feels a strong physical attraction to her. This feeling runs both ways. Carla can’t control the pull she feels towards Sebastian. Problem is she’s dating Sebastian’s brother. As time passes by, their feelings only intensify. It’s getting harder and harder to resist each other. But, Sebastian can’t steal his brother’s girl and Carla can’t keep up the charade. Something’s gotta give.

Lexi Buchanan brought out the angst and anticipation in this one. The chemistry and longing between Sebastian and Carla made the pages sizzle. There were moments when the characters were within inches of one another that I could feel the heat coming off of them. Sebastian is battling his growing feelings for Carla and the guilt of having those feelings for his brother’s girlfriend. He can’t violate the “bro code”. But he’s tired of staying away from her. At the same time, he notices there’s something odd about the relationship Carla has with his brother. They don’t act like two people in love should act.

Carla made a promise to Sebastian’s brother, Ramon. One she plans on keeping no matter how strongly she feels towards Sebastian. While Sebastian’s feelings may not have been as hidden around the family as he may have thought, Ramon had no clue Carla felt the same way. Had he known he would have released her of their arrangement. However, I think Carla uses that deal they made as an excuse to hide. She’s never felt this strong of an attraction to any man before. Her feelings coupled with Sebastian’s playboy past scare her.

While Sebastian could have saved himself some guilt and anxiety had he known the truth of Carla’s and Ramon’s relationship, I think her being just out of his reach was good for him. For once he couldn’t just have what he wanted. Plus it allowed the attraction to build up to the point where when they finally came together it was positively explosive.

But, can these two remain together? Carla has a violent ex out for blood and Sebastian has an aggressive office assistant on the hunt for a McKenzie of her own. With hearts and literally lives on the line, who will prevail?

If you have not read the McKenzie Brothers series from the beginning, you are missing out. Rapture is book 2 and collides with parts of book 1.5. Lexi Buchanan has not just created a series, but a whole family for us, the readers, to get to know, swoon for and bond with. This is Sebastian and Carla’s story, but life continues in the McKenzie family and we get a glimpse of characters past and things to come.

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Excerpt – Carla’s POV
What the hell has gotten into Sebastian? He practically dragged me out of Lily’s room and now he’s dragging me down the hallway as though there’s a fire.

He looks through the window to a room. “In here,” he says, pushing the door open before pulling me inside and out of view of the window.


He slams his mouth to mine and pushes me up against the wall, grabbing my thighs he hoists me up so I wrap my legs around him coming into contact with his huge swollen cock, making my eyes open wide. I had no idea he was so aroused.

I shove my fingers into his hair, holding his mouth to me. The things he does with his tongue has me wet and aching.

“I need you babe.”

He lets my feet hit the floor, unzips me, shoving my jeans and thong down my legs before releasing his cock, which is already wet at the tip.

I can’t take my eyes off him as he jerks with arousal and takes hold of himself, pulling back to the root of him and holding there.

“Carla,” he says between gritted teeth, “I’m going to come the minute I get inside you.”

That’s the only warning I get. He spins me around. I place my hands on the wall as he pulls my hips towards him before thrusting inside me.

He feels so good, filling me up, which sets off little electric shocks along my channel.

Letting go of my hips, he wraps me up in his arms and slides his hands up inside my top, shoving my bra above my breasts and starts massaging and pinching my nipples.

“Hmm,” I moan resting my head on his shoulder behind me.

My breath catches as he pulls most of the way out of me, leaving just the tip inside.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt now.”

Oh God!

He starts pumping his hips in and out of me. One hand stays on my nipple while the other moves to my clit. The minute he touches me between my legs, he pinches my nipple and I explode. Seeing stars, I can’t stop climaxing. My channel grips Sebastian’s cock. My muscles rippling up and down the length of him.

Cursing, he pulls out shoving his fingers inside me to ride out my orgasm. I feel his other hand take hold of his cock, which is pressed against my ass before turning my head and watching him ejaculate on the floor.

Unable to catch my breath, I stay resting against the wall as he removes his fingers from inside me. I hear Sebastian putting himself back together before he bends and pulls my thong and jeans back up then he turns me around to fasten them.

He kisses my lips, pulling me back into his arms. “God, did I need you…but shit, it would have been too messy if I came inside you here.”

“I know.”

I love him coming inside me. It makes me feel even more connected to him than just having his dick inside me.

“You like my words, baby?” he whispers into my ear, rubbing my ass and pushing me against him.

“You can’t be ready to go again?”

“I’m always ready with you, and answer the question,” he chuckles.

Why I blush when he uses those naughty words, I don’t know, but I do and now I probably look like a tomato.

“You’re not saying anything, but I’ll let you off the hook for now because I know you find them as hot as I do when I use them and I bet if I touch your pussy it will be wet and not just from the orgasm you’ve just had.”

Breaking away from him, I smack his arm. “Stop embarrassing me.” I try to leave the room, but he catches me around the waist.

“I’ll be using those words again the next time I’m buried deep inside you,” he whispers in my ear. “Your little cunt will tell me how much dirty talk turns you on.”

My body feels alive again. He’s just brought me to orgasm, and I already need him again. His words do turn me on, although I’m not used to hearing them when referring to my body parts. Oh, I’ve seen them in enough books that I’ve read, in fact Bared to You comes to mind, but God, Sebastian is right. Hearing those words turns me on something wicked.

He moves to stand in front of me and smirks when he sees the lust I’m struggling to hide on my face. If we weren’t in an unlocked hospital room, I’d be on him again.

“C’mon, before Mom comes looking for us. I promise to behave in public from now on,” he smirks.

Opening the door for me, we walk out straight into Michael and Lucien.

“Where have you two been?” Lucien pauses, looks between the two of us, and then continues, “Then again never mind. Carla you go back into Lily’s room, while we interrogate Sebastian and don’t worry we’re going to sit right over there by the door.” Lucien points.

About the Author
I was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where I lived, and worked at the University of Bolton, until I moved to Ireland with my husband, four kids and pack of animals.

We are now settled in a lovely town, in County Cavan. The kids love their schools, once they get there that is.

My eldest daughter, is on the Irish Junior Archery Team, and spends her time training. At least she does when her dad can get her off her ipad, reading or listening to music.

My kindle is loaded with too many books to mention, as I absolutely love to read when I have the chance.

My all time high would be to stand at the foot of Mount Everest in the Himalayas.
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