Monday, April 15, 2013

Vampire Hunger Series by Dee Carney

So, I have two books I’m reviewing together. They are both from the same series, Vampire Hunger by Dee Carney.

Hunger Aroused is the first book in this series. I really liked this book. It was a fantastic introduction into Dee’s world of vampires.  It’s hot, it’s erotic, it’s AWESOME! Yes. Yes. I loved it. It was quick, it was dirty, it was…….hmmm…….

Jasmine gets sick one day while at work. She’s nurse at a local hospital. Her boss sends her home and along the way she passes by Corin, who happens to be a vampire executioner. He’s on order by the vampire council. Jasmine’s turning wasn’t sanctioned by the council. That means as soon as she’s a full vampire, he’ll have to kill her. He’ll also have to find her sire and kill them. What a mess.

Along the way, Corin starts to feel something for Jasmine. He’ll kill her if he’s ordered to. He’s just hoping to find a way to not kill her. He wants to keep her.

This was an amazingly hot vampire story. It had some elements of vampire stories we’ve seen before but it also has some new ones. Vampires are intensely erotic in this story. There’s an added bit of mystery to this story. First, we don’t know who Jasmine’s sire is. Second, there’s an undercurrent in the story that tells of a something larger brewing.

So, we have hot erotic vampire sex. We have a mystery of the sire. We have something larger brewing. We also get a hint that vampires are not the only supernatural creatures out there. Nothing is ever said out loud about it, but there’s definitely a hint or two of something…….else.

All of these things add up to make an amazingly intense, hot, erotic vampire love story.

The second book in the series is Hunger Awakened. This one is just as hot and intense as the first one. Sebastian is already a vampire. He has been for the past 400 years. Well….not a full vampire. He’s half vampire and half something else. Only Sebastian doesn’t know what that something else is.

Vampires don’t get sick, but Sebastian is. When Alice, a full human, shows him some compassion and helps him, he decides to keep her. He needs her and she needs him. She’s down on her luck and her life expectancy is running low.

Sebastian finally finds out what else he is and he’s terrified. Doesn’t know how to handle it. Alice finally finds out how little life she has left. Will they get it worked out? Will they get to be together or is it too late for them?

Several answers are forthcoming in this next installment of the series. But even with those answers we still have questions. There’s still trouble brewing. War is coming. But war between whom? And through it all…who will protect the humans?

You probably don’t HAVE to read these two in order, but I definitely recommend it. Some things are explained in the first one that are not explained in the second one. That’s not a problem if you’ve read the first one already.  Also, if you read the second one first, you’ll know the answers to some questions raised in the first one, thus getting a spoiler.

I’m eagerly waiting on the third one in this series. I can’t wait to read it!

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The Autumn Review said...

I love hot vampire sex.

Lee Anne said...

Me Too!!

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the combined review - these sound like my kind of vampire romance books!


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