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ARC Review: Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong

"I love you, but I can't. You have to let me go," he said, his voice strained.


That's what I felt like after I finished Plastic Hearts. I couldn't even form proper sentences! I was truly blown away by this book, like knocked over kind of blown away! I couldn't think of anything else for a few days except how much I enjoyed it- and that I wanted more.

Plastic Hearts is the first in a series with an excellent start I must say. I was hooked by the smooth flowing writing and realistic storyline with relatable characters. The romance is thick with tension that radiates off the pages. It was so good I wanted to fist pump at the end!!

"I learned something today. Redemption isn't something that comes fast and easy. You have to put all your effort and heart into it to make it work. It can't be forced or bought; it simply had to be earned. It requires honesty, commitment and trust. Dane and I have some things to work on, but as long as there is effort, there is hope."

Best of all for me? It has everything I look for in my reads- angst, angst and MORE angst. 

Alex's life is similar to a puppets, whose strings are being manipulated by her parents. She's under strict orders to do as her parents say or face harsh consequences. Not one for ever going against the grain, Alex does as she's told even if it makes her absolutely miserable inside. She was raised in a wealthy family where appearances are everything and love and affection mean very little. To escape from the scrutiny she faces from her parents, Alex uses art as a way to let loose from all that she has to deal with. She loves to paint more than anything and finds a way to get an art class in while she's in college going for her pre-med degree.

Dane's childhood was no easy feat. He grew up struggling to care for his younger brother while his mother rather put her needs first. Dane did what he could until he couldn't take it anymore and split. After putting everyone ahead of him for so long, Dane decides it's his turn to put himself first. Art has always been an escapism for Dane, a way to free himself, so he enrolls in college and majors in Art.

"He was everything I didn't think I could have and somehow, he'd become everything I needed."

Alex and Dane are from the opposite sides of the track. They're not meant to be in Alex's parents eyes, but the chemistry between Dane and Alex is pretty thick from the start and one that can't be denied.

"We can't be friends, I meant that," he stepped closer to me, never breaking eye contact. "I want you to be my girl," he whispered.

What's so great about this story is that the relationship builds and builds slowly over time, which I just loved! I knew something was going to happen, I just wasn't sure what or when...then the parents-art show-the ending....EFFFFFFFFF! It gave me that panic induced angst state that I love being in!

I'm not going to sugar coat, (when do I ever?) but I was a bit skeptical at first. A popular blogger turned romance writer? After reading and reviewing for a while, does she have what it takes to produce a well written novel? And the answer is YES. SHE. DOES! I hope Lisa continues to write more stories, because I just devoured this one.

Plastic Hearts is Lisa De Jong's debut novel, and a strong one I must admit. This book hit me hard, and when I least expected it to. I found myself asking, when did I become so emotionally invested? The answer is simple really now that I look back on it- right from the beginning. I look forward to more books by this author in the future...hopefully very soon! I can honestly say that Plastic Hearts is by far one the best book I've read this year.

To the author who made me experience just about every emotion possible. Who made me feel rage, love, heartfelt sadness and then contentment...

Favorite lines:

"Who the hell did I go home with?" -Alex

I learned to let go of the things I can't change. Mistakes make us who we are. -Dane

I'd completed thirty-seven paintings over the last several months. If I placed them in order of when I painted them, they showed my rise, fall and eventual rebirth. -Alex

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