Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sultry Spring Saturdays: Colors of Love by Jess Dee

"Spring is here and our literary wombs are ready to be impregnated by the seed of sexy sultry books."

Colors of Love is DEE-liciously HOT! I needed a cigarette after this book, and I don't even smoke!

Abused as a child, Luke has issues he's not yet come to terms with. As much as he loves Seth, song writer for the band, Speed, Luke's determined not to ruin Seth's life like his was. But one look into Seth's hypnotic eyes, one song...a melody, and Luke succumbs to Seth's every whim. Luke's love runs deep for Seth, but he refuses to be anything more than a friend to him. He's done trying to tell Seth that.

Luke devises a plan in hopes of Seth seeking love elsewhere. Enter Kaz, a beautiful young free spirit of a woman. I instantly liked Kaz the moment I met her. She is down to earth and I like the way her mind works. Kaz is able to read aura's, so when she meets both Luke and Seth after a concert she can tell right off the bat there is something more between them but also that they're both harboring some form of pain. The plans are set into motion, but what is Luke to do when the plan backfires on him?

I am shocked at my response to this book considering I'm not a m/m reader. I didn't know this was a m/m story when I decided to read the series. I enjoyed See You In My Dreams so much that I had to read this one next...and I am so glad I did! I typically stay away from m/m, but this book was fantastic and makes me want to give more authors a shot. I guess it all boils down to the author and how far their words go with me though, and Jess Dee's went far. I LOVED this book! Colors of Love has it all- a story of emotion, sexual tension, unadulterated love, and chemistry. Do yourself a favor and read this story of a love that runs deep and how they overcome obstacles to prove their love for each other. The only issue I had was with Kaz in the end. I know it was a happy ending, but I felt sad for her even though she found where she needed to be. In the end, I LOVED IT!


HOOTIE said...

I'm not fond of stories like this but I'm glad you liked it :)

The Autumn Review said...

As long as a chick is in the mix, I'm game. Sometimes dude love is really hot. LOL

Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...


Maria D. said...

Good review! I haven't had a chance to read this book by Ms. Dee yet but it's in my tbr

Silverlight said...

Any book that makes you want a cig. after you read them MUST BE HOT, and I don't smoke either, so I guess I'll be puffin after this one, though!


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