Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Falling Into You by Jasinda Wilder

This was officially the worst book that I've read so far this year.

Perhaps that's a bit mean, but I just can't put how I felt about this book mildly. The reason I initially started this novel in the first place was because of all the high ratings and reviews- I mean, the book had over 500 five-star ratings on Amazon... That's impressive. I just assumed that after hearing all the hype about this story that I would end up feeling the same way as everyone else seemed to have felt... Unfortunately though, I couldn't have been more wrong. How this book managed to pull so much positive feedback is seriously beyond me.

In all honesty, I thought this book had five-star potential when I first started it. I truly loved it- Watching Nell and Kyle's relationship progress and blossom into something more than friendship was incredibly sweet... The author really made you feel like you were experiencing first love all over again- I couldn't put the book down and while I was loving living in that moment, I still felt a lingering sense of dread at the same time knowing that Kyle dies. However, I still had hope that even though a horrible incident awaited, the book would still stay on course and continue to be a great read. Yet, after Kyle dies and Colton entered the picture the book took a major turn for the worst.

The first few chapters of this story while Kyle was alive was like reading something completely different, with completely different characters and a completely different author from the rest of the book. Actually... If I'm being honest here, the only likable character in this book was Kyle... And he died... So, that's that. The heroine, Nell started off as your typical sweet and innocent heroine... Before turning into an alcoholic with self-destructive issues. Her dramatic change was like night and day and while I can understand the toll death can take on someone, her behavior was completely over-dramatic and unbelievable.

God, and don't even get me started on the hero Colton... He's about as far from drool-worthy as you can possibly get... Unless this is attractive to you:

...And I'm not talking about Eminem per se... I just mean, unless you're into former gang members who talk like a cliché street thug and have emotional issues as well, due to the loss of his "homies" T-Shawn and Lil Shady among others then Colton probably isn't your type of guy. Be right back...

I'm not kidding guys... This story-line was absolutely bad horriblehorrendous awful. It honestly took everything in me to push through and see the book to the very end- It was like reading a really dramatic Lifetime movie mixed with an old Ice Cube music video.

Not to mention, the hero and heroine laid eyes on each other for all of maybe two seconds before having that stupid "insta-love" connection that so many authors these days love to over use. The chemistry between these two just felt extremely forced throughout the entire book and had absolutely no relationship development what-so-ever.


Ugh, and the freaking music mentioned in this book...

BEYOND over-kill. By the time I finished this novel, I was able to name every band and music artist on the face of this earth... That's how much it was talked about. Oh, and FYI: Both characters magically have voices like Adele and Billie Holiday when they sing, all while playing the guitar together and being the best duet since Johhny Cash and June Carter. Riiiggghttt.

Over-all, I just don't have much of anything positive to say about this book- It literally had everything imaginable from murder, lack of parental support, gangs, transformations, death, music, a million sex scenes, denial, guilt and destructive behavior all thrown into about 350 pages. There was just seriously too many issues going on in this story to even count. The only advice I have to give you before buying this book is to do all of yourselves a favor and save your money- You're going to need it to pay for the therapy you're going to have to have after finishing this novel.


Maria D. said...

Thanks for the honest review

Nevaeh Newadult said...

Same here...I appreciate you saving me both time and money. Especially time! :o)

Alyssa said...

Thanks so much Maria and Nevaeh! I know I'm in the minority when it comes to my feelings about this one but I just could never get into it. :((

Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...

Wow! After all the reviews I've read for this, this is the first that has pointed out so many issues with the story. I wasn't super interested anyway, but the hype was about to get me. I would have hated the whole "thug" aspect.
Great review!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. I've heard great things about this book as well, which is why I'm interested in it. But I think I'll head to the library instead of purchashing it. Thanks for the honest review.

Alyssa said...

Andrea- Thanks so much! Trust me, it was the hype about this book that had me intrigued in the first place. I'm just super disappointed that it turned out to be as bad as it did- I know I may be in the minority but I just couldn't bring myself to like it... At all!

Neyra- You're very welcome! I'd definitely rent this book before buying it :) ...Who knows though- You may really end up loving it. For me, it just didn't work unfortunately!


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