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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Seduce by Lexi Buchanan

Steamy and sweet, Lexi Buchanan’s Seduce charmed me.

Michael McKenzie has been turned off of love since his deceased wife had multiple affairs. Work comes first and foremost for him; until Lily Redmond enters his life. Lily is out of work and out of love in her current relationship. Sadly, until she finds another job and can afford to leave, she’s stuck. Opportunity lands her at McKenzie Holdings, unbeknownst to her, working for Michael. From the moment these two meet, sparks fly. But as realization dawns on them that she’s his new assistant and he’s her new boss, not to mention she still has a boyfriend who she hasn’t exactly broken up with yet, can these two actually work out?

I really enjoyed Michael and Lily’s story. The instant chemistry between them was incredibly hot. Neither wanted or could stay away from the other, but with Lily still living with her boyfriend they couldn’t move forward. Don’t feel too bad for the boyfriend though. Their relationship was seriously over long before even Lily realized. I couldn’t wait for her to dump the douchebag so she could get on with her life…with Michael.

Michael was sweet and possessive. Thanks to his deceased wife he’s a bit damaged in the trust department. Even years after her death she’s still able to mind trip him. Something she set in motion years before may be the complete end of Michael and Lily. My eyes teared up and my heart fell to the pit of my stomach. Not going to spoil it for you, you have to read it to know what I’m talking about.

I’m looking forward to the next installment. This was a good start to a new series. The McKenzie brothers are hot and I cannot wait to get each of their stories.


Michael’s POV
I walked straight over to him and removed the beer before he noticed I was actually in the same room as him.

“Not you as well,” he grumbled.

“Doctor’s orders, as you well know.”

I sat down across from him and drank his beer, which caused him to scowl.
I grinned.

“That nurse is driving me crazy.  I can’t have burger and fries.  I can’t have a beer.  If I smoked, then she’d probably tell me I couldn’t have a cigarette.  She also told me I couldn’t have sex.”

I just looked at him.  “Have you asked her if you can have sex?”  I hooted with laughter when I saw the startled look on his face.  He wouldn’t meet my eyes.  I lowered the beer.  “Please tell me you didn’t hit on your nurse?”  I sat up and rested my elbows on my knees.  “George?”

“Maybe a little bit.”  He squirmed.

“How much is a little bit?”

“Okay, I asked her if I could have sex and she threw my salad at me.  A perfectly good lunch, I tell you.  Why would she do that?  It wasn’t as though I was asking her to have sex with me.  I just wanted to rattle her cage a little.  It worked a bit too well.”

“I would say so.”  I thought better of taking another drink.  With how this conversation was shaping up, I’d probably spit it everywhere.

Lexi Buchanan was born in Bolton, Lancashire within the United Kingdom, where she lived up until 3 years ago when she moved to Ireland with her husband, 4 kids and a pack of animals. She can tell you it isn't pleasant traveling in a car with 5 cats in cat boxes in the back. Getting back into the car after the ferry journey to Ireland was the most unpleasant thing they had to do on moving day!! 
Lexi Buchanan is giving away 2 E-book copies of Seduce, one signed post card, and one key ring on this stop.  Please answer the following question and comment below with your email address.  Winners will be chosen at random on April 17th.  Good-luck!

If you were unemployed and had no where to go, 
could you blame Lily for staying with her boyfriend as long as she did?


The Autumn Review said...

Haven't heard of this one. Thanks for sharing.

HMitch76 said...

I dont blame her. I think a lot of people would do the same.

sarah vesper said...

I think a loy of people would do the same thing in her situation so can't really blame he for staying.

Jessica Sotelo said...

I cant answer that til I read it!! So pick me :-)

Adrienne Scales said...

When you're in a situation and you feel like you have no way out it's really hard to just get up and walk away. Especially if feelings are involved. That decision isn't easy to begin with then add in outside hindrances. Never easy to walk away.

krg said...

My husband is unemployed for awhile now and I haven't kicked him out, but I do love him tho. lol No I do not blame her for making tough decisions.

Jennifer said...

If I had no where to stay it would be a no brainer, but would do everything I could to get out! Looks like a great book!

Emerald Lavere said...

If it's that or the street, there's really no choice but to stay.


Lexi Buchanan said...

OMG - Love the guy on the picture :-) Thank you for such an ace review and of course you love the teaser for book 2!!!!! ps. it's #57 on Amazon now and booted Fifty Shades from the top slot in Erotica - Yeah!!!!

Stephanie Phillips said...

I think she was complacent...just moving along with the motions because that's all she knew. It's human nature to continue with habits. Change is hard and she probably didn't think about leaving especially without money.

Cindy K said...

I don't blame Lily at all. I would do the same thing.


Annie said...

This happens all of the time. I have seen in several times with couples that are getting a divorce even. As long as an effort is being made to get out of the situation then I think it's acceptable. It would be tough to live with you ex.

cutiephinphin said...

Well seriously I wouldn't blame her after all we need to consider our own survival. But it all depends on the situation as well. I'll also try my best to find a way out and will restrict my interaction with him to as little as possible.

I've not read any of Lexi's books but I'm sure gonna check this out. Loving the story synopsis. Thanks for the chance.

ajlc1810 (at) gmail (dot) com

Maryann Buchanan said...

I don't blame her, I mean it sucks to compromise like that but you have to do what you have to do...mbuchanangamble@gmail.com

Jennifer Greeff said...

I definitely don't blame her and in fact have done the same thing in my time and I didn't have to be unemployed to do it! Sounds like a fantastic read!

kathy p said...

I don't think anyone knows what they would do until they were in that situation...

Meghan said...

You can't judge until it's you! She had no where to go - of course we can't blame her!! fishinlovingal@yahoo.com

SusieQ said...

No I wouldn't blame her...if you really have no one to help you or take you in what choice does one have.....You can only hope one can find the means to move on and out...


Tammy Smith said...

I can understand why she stayed. She was with David for 7 years, he was her first, and she thought she loved him. She's also dedicated to her other half and doesn't want to hurt someone that she thinks truly loves her. I stayed in my first 5 year marriage for about 4.5 years longer than I should've for those same reasons.

Heather Robinson said...

I haven't read this but I can say if I didn't work and didn't have any major obligations then no I can't blame her I would definately stay with my love!


Dawn Bush said...

I can understand her staying out of necessity. No I wouldn't blame her!
I want to read this!! My email address is


Thanks for the chance!

erin said...

NO b/c when I was 21 I did the same... postponed breaking up w/ a guy cuz I was broke and scared about moving out and I had alienated my parents to be with him!


Kimberly Perry said...

I can't blame her for staying in that situation.


Susana Rivera said...

I don't blame Lily at all.
I would do the same thing

Esined615 said...

I wouldn't blame her. If she has no where to go it would be a difficult decision. Being homeless is scary

*yadkny* said...

To me it would be much scarier to be homeless, so no I don't blame her.


Nadine said...



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