Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

When three lifetime friends become so much more, can they get past everything that is keeping them from being truly happy, or will they be kicked out of the Garden of Eden they have created for themselves forever?

Danny is the dark, intense snake in the grass who wants both his lovers, Paul and Eve to stay with him forever. Danny usually gets what Danny wants but will he be able to this time? Paul hides who he truly is with everyone except Danny and Eve. He can never tell his family or his fiancé who he truly is inside and what types of things get him off in the bedroom without them turning their backs on him forever. Eve is a very talented artist who leaves New York and returns home after being away for 10 years and begins her relationship with Danny, even though she is still in love with Paul all these years later, but she also loves Danny as well. Is Eve the one who will keep them all together or will the forbidden fruit break them all in ways they may not be able to recover from?

Let me first off state that I was not in any way in love with this book. Eve annoyed me big time. Paul needed to finally figure who he is and say fuck the rest of the world. Danny, well I kinda loved how he wanted what he wanted and didn’t want to give up the two people he loved the most and would manipulate any way he could to try to keep them. I had no problem with the M/M/F relationships; I love reading about them and anyone who knows me personally or who has read any of my reviews regarding BDSM books know how much I love them as well, but this one just didn’t work for me. It didn’t flow in my opinion. Maybe this is just one that I did not connect with like others did. Was it emotional, yes, very emotional throughout the book, especially Paul. Was it a darker BDSM? Yes it was and that didn’t even phase me in the least. I think I just became tired of the same thing, different wording when it came to these three. They all loved each other, but Paul wouldn’t leave his fiancĂ© who he isn’t happy with because he needs to be normal for his family, blah blah blah. They all carried on like they had their own personal Garden of Eden, but like it says in the bible you take a bite of the forbidden fruit you will be kicked out. I wanted to kick them out myself it got so annoying.

I have read other books by Kele Moon and loved them. I have even reviewed them and praised them, but this one did not work for me. I will continue, obviously, to read this author because while I may not have loved Beyond Eden like others have, I will not stop reading her other books in the future.

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