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Review: Kithran Regenesis Series by Dani Worth

Kithra is a bittersweet story about three people trying to find their way in a world that has been destroyed.

Lux and Kol have worked together on the same ship for years. Lux is the captain and Kol is her second in command. Because Lux refuses to sleep with anyone of a lesser rank, Kol has kept his desire for her banked. Now that he’s been promoted, all bets are off.

Kol and Lux are reassigned to get the mines up and running on Kithra. Kithra was destroyed years ago in an explosion and has been uninhabited for years. They’re to pick up a Gwinarian and take him with them to Kithra. Kol gets the shock of his life when he finds out it’s Egan, after all Egan is dead, right?

As the three of them spend time on Kithra, they grow to forgive each other, desire each other and finally love each other.

There many things I loved about this book. The biggest thing I loved was the Gwinarnian philosophy on love. You love you love and it doesn’t matter what gender they are or how many there are. They have no hang-ups when it comes to loving relationships.

The sci-fi world Dani created was phenomenal. It was fun to imagine this world she’s created. It’s a beautiful world but not without it’s dangers. Kol, Lux and Egan dealt with all of those dangers as they made the Kithra colony ready for more people.

I was a bit disappointed with a couple of things in this book. First, while the sex was hot, I wanted to read more about the interactions between Kol and Egan. There was some interaction between them, but I wanted more! I was also looking forward to getting more information about Egan and why he kept the fact he was alive secret from Kol. I never did get an answer to that and I’m dying to know the answer.

Dani has a novella that continues the story of Lux, Kol and Egan in Mutiny. Maybe I’ll get some of my wishes in that one!

OMG! I'm LOVING this series! Dani Worth is a new author to me and this series is wonderful! While it's not a terribly long book, it's packed with emotion and a little bit of angst and lots of hot sex!

Janara is a tracker hunting down a replicant who escaped from prison. She tracks him back to her home planet Kithra. Kithra was destroyed years ago in an explosion and she lost her entire family. When finds the replicant and forces her/him to change to his normal form, we find out she is a he and he's in a relationship with hot Erik. Erik is stunned!

But the twists don't stop there. We don't find out all the nitty gritty details until the end. Will Janara return the replicant to prison? Will she fall in love with him? Will she fall in love with Erik? Will she stay on Kithra?

I loved this story. It's so full of twists and turns and made me cry! I felt so bad for all of them. They're all in an awful situation and trying to make the best of it.

Dani Worth did an amazing job of packing so much emotion into this story and making me feel for all of them. It's amazing!

This is the third installment (and hopefully NOT the last) of the Kithran Regenesis Series. Each one of these book has gotten better and better, so I can only imagine how good the 4th one will be. I think part of the reason they keep getting better is the central theme running through them. There's a mystery that needs to be solved, why did the planet Kithra blow up? Why were there some awful gasses released into the air?

As each story is told, we get another piece of the puzzle. In this installment we get closer than we've been before. I'm so curious as to what really happened.

Each story introduces to some new people. But even when we meet new people, central to the underlying story in all the books, we still get to see what happens with those we've met before. I have such a vested interest in this series and the characters involved that I can't wait to get to the next story and see how they've grown, changed.

One of the things I REALLY like about this series is the Gwinarians. They're a race of people, very similar to humans. They believe you love who you love. Families with this race of people can be M/F, M/M, F/F, MMF, MFF or any combination you can think of. They can even have more than three people. It's all accepted in their culture. There's none of the prejudice or judging.

In this story we meet Vala, Jacks, and Bastien. Vala and Bastien are Gwinarian and Jacks is human. They're thrown together on a remote planet and they fall for each other. But will they survive the truth about Kithra when they find it? Will they survive the truth about each of their pasts? Or will it all destroy them.

Dani Worth has done an amazing job of painting strange and exotic worlds with exotic races of people. All of them are beautiful in their own way. They each also have their own bad elements that have to be dealt with. It's an amazing world to be part of.

Dani Worth has also written several vignettes that you can bet by visiting her at http://daniworth.wordpress.com/. Stop by and get the vignettes!

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Maria D. said...

Good review! I like when an entire series is reviewed and I can find out that an author did a good job keeping the series flow going


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