Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Still Mr. and Mrs. by Patricia Olney

Gabe and Rebecca Stewart’s divorce will be final in a matter of weeks. There is no way a reconciliation will happen between the two. Gabe is a determined business man who will do anything to keep the family company going, even if it did cost him his marriage. Rebecca still loves Gabe, but she wants something that he doesn’t, a family. His refusal and his constant determination in business is what has made her leave.

When Gabe’s interfering but well meaning Grandmother suggests that Gabe and Rebecca put on an act that they are still happily married and in love to get the approval for a potential business merger, will this be what brings them back together, or has it been too long to heal the tear in the marriage and they continue along with the divorce?

I loved Gabe’s Grandmother’s character in this book. She knew what was best for Gabe and Rebecca and planned on helping Rebecca get Gabe back. Rebecca was wild and loving, the complete opposite of up tight, stick up his ass Gabe, and she balanced him out perfectly when she was able to get him to just let go. Gabe works way too hard and doesn’t take the time to enjoy himself. The attraction that Gabe and Rebecca feel towards each other is still there and hasn’t dulled. Rebecca still loves Gabe and wishes he wanted the same. Gabe after a time realizes he still is in love with Rebecca but when he finally figures out there is a life outside of the boardroom and that life has to have Rebecca is it too late?

I enjoyed this book, it is a republish of the original that came out in 1996 I believe. It was a sweet book about learning what is the best thing in your life and what can happen when that thing or person walks away. It was a little predictable at times but overall I good read.

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Thanks for the review - I'll have to look this up


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