Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: True Love Story by Willow Aster

God, so much happened in this book that I can’t even begin to put it all into words even if I tried- For starters, This book was okay. It wasn’t great… It wasn’t horrible… It was just… Okay. Once again, I got caught up in all of the amazingly high ratings and reviews and decided to give this one a try in the hopes of feeling the same way. …And while I still enjoyed the book, it just wasn’t captivating or memorable enough for me. There were times when I was entertained and even a few times here and there when I was engrossed in the angst, but over-all I just can’t say that this book was really worth the read.

The characters were just… Ehhh. I honestly can’t name a single basis for Sparrow and Ian’s relationship other than the fact that they’re both amaaaazinglyyy good-looking and only had eyes for each other because of this fact. Apparently being extremely attractive is all you really need to fall in love these days. The hero Ian was supposed to be this gorgeous musician with bad-boy tendencies and commitment issues, but he didn’t come across that way to me at all. First of all, he was way too nice…

I just couldn’t take it. His consistent overly cheesy compliments had me rolling my eyes on more than one occasion and it grated on my nerves… A lot. It was like he knew of nothing else to say on a 24/7 basis, aside from overly dramatic praise and appreciation for the heroine’s looks- It got old fast. Not to mention, it was borderline creepy. All of that aside though, Ian was always good to Sparrow… Until he wasn’t.  

Forgive my language. His character tends to bring out the worst in me- Let’s rephrase to something nicer, shall we?

There. That’s better.

…What started off as a relationship that held promise, eventually turned into one that was full of doubts… Of course that was to be expected since a long distance relationship isn’t always the easiest… But Ian turned difficult into impossible. I won’t go into details here, because I like to avoid all spoilers in my reviews… But I don’t think I ever one hundred percent forgave Ian for what he did. I get it… People make mistakes all the time, and I’m not unforgiving of that. However, it’s just really hard for me to understand how someone can claim to love another so deeply, yet deceive that love by doing something so incredibly deceitful. To say my heart was broken at one point in this story would have been an understatement- Did I eventually truly feel like Ian was sorry for what he had done? Yes. …But at the same time I also couldn’t help but feel that he was only trying to appease his own guilt by doing what he did to try and win Sparrows forgiveness. Bombarding someone with flowers and showering them with love letters and songs doesn’t rectify the situation or make it right. I do think that Ian really and truly did love Sparrow…But I don’t think he loved her enough otherwise he wouldn’t have hurt her the way that he did… And therein lays my biggest issue with Ian. By the end of the novel, I couldn’t help but look at him and his love for Sparrow in a completely different light… And quite frankly, it all just became a big disappointment for me in this book. As for the heroine Sparrow... All I can say is she’s a much stronger woman in her relationship with Ian than I ever would have been. I will say this though: She didn’t let him off easy after he broke her heart and I completely and one hundred percent commend her for that.

Without a doubt, this story was extremely realistic. People find themselves in similar situations and relationships like Ian and Sparrows on a daily basis, and I can’t imagine how it would be easy for any person involved. For me however, the characters were just such a contradiction to the story- From the very beginning you could just feel the love these two had for one another. Reading page after page of how they interacted and felt about one another made it seem like they both had similar feelings… It was as if nothing or no one could ever get in between their love for one another, which is why what happened in this story to cause such a rift and heartache in their relationship made absolutely no sense to me- I honestly felt no connection and had no understanding as to how a person can love someone on such a strong and emotional level , yet take the risk (numerous times) of throwing it all away on something that was never even important in the first place- I just didn’t get it.

I’ll go ahead and give credit where credit is due here and say that this story definitely touches on forgiveness and second chances. …I was honestly happy to read about a happily-ever-after for these two characters; Lord knows after the relationship that they had been through that it was well deserved. I may not have been able to forget what had happened and what was done… But I was able to eventually forgive. People mess up… We all make mistakes and sometimes it’s those certain mistakes that shape and make us into the person that we are today. Some people aren’t ever able to move past being wronged or hurt… Others may never be able to forgive themselves for the pain that they’ve caused someone else. …And then there are some out there who are able to over-come certain situations and become an even better and stronger person in the long run; The same could go for relationships. Without a doubt, this story takes you on a long journey filled with heartache and pain… But through all of the good and the bad, this book can teach you that time can certainly heal many wounds and through forgiveness and second chances, it’s always possible to reach that forever desired true love story.


The Autumn Review said...

I loved this book. I really loved Ian too. I didn't think he was "too" nice, but I know you girls love your jerks. LOL

Aman said...

I thought this book was horrible. I didn't like any character and Ian got off way to easily. Though I liked his letter in the end, still I wouldn't have forgiven him.

Alyssa said...

The Autumn Review- BAHAHA :)) You know us too well! Us ladies loveee our jerk heroes... The meaner the better, hehe. I'm glad you really enjoyed this book- I know I was in the minority when it came to my feelings about this one!

Aman- Grrr... I wish I had liked this book a lot more than I did as well, so you're not the only one! :))


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