Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Star Crossed (Battered Hearts #2) by Kele Moon

Romeo and Juliet.
A love story for the ages.
A tragedy that tells of two star-crossed lovers who never get their HEA.
Maybe this time it will turn out differently.

Romeo is a MMA fighter. He’s just lost the Championship Title to Clay Powers. When he ends up saving Clay’s girlfriend, Clay’s longtime friend Jules (Juliet to Romeo) takes him to dinner as a thank you. From there, the tension just skyrockets!

Juliet is a beautiful, tough lawyer from Garnet, TX. She’s travelling with Clay Powers and ends up in bed with Romeo. When Romeo moves to Garnet to train with Clay, the sparks fly.

Romeo and Juliet pursue a relationship. But neither one is ready for Wyatt (Juliet’s brother and town sheriff) to know. So, they do a lot of sneaking around. Having grown up in a small town, I was shocked they were able to keep it quiet. My small town was bigger than Garnet and NOTHING was a secret there!

Romeo is plagued by a guilty conscience.  He has ties to the Italian Mafioso in New York. Being involved with Juliet puts her at risk. Almost as much risk as him.

This was a really good story. I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the phone sex and adding in the facetime sex was even hotter! The sexual tension between Romeo and Juliet was crackling! Everything went along smoothly and then……the proverbial shit hit the fan!

I was really curious how Romeo was going to get away from the mafia. It’s not like he could hand in a letter of resignation. One does not simply “walk away” from the mafia. The ending was intense and action packed. It was AWESOME!

I’m really hoping the next story in the Battered Hearts series is Wyatt’s. I think it will be as the set up is there. I’m loving this series!


Maria D. said...

I love this series and can't wait to read the next book....I keep checking out the author's site for

The Autumn Review said...

Hootie reviewed this for Autumn After Dark. She really liked it.

Lee Anne said...

I know! It's a great series. I'm ready for Wyatt and Tabitha's story!


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