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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Raid by Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley will make you get lost in the worlds she creates. So here's us getting lost with KA and Raid. Enjoy! 

*Amanda sends out massive text to Nadine, Janna, Crystal, Sophie and LeeAnne*
Yo! Get y'alls asses down to Rachelle's Cafe to discuss Raid ASAP! Peace

Amanda: Yo chicas!
Nadine: Hey!
Sophie: Hola!!
Janna: Hey!!!
LeeAnne: Hidy Ho!
Crystal: Hi! *looks out window*

Amanda: Soooo...what did we think about Raid? Y'all know me. I'm biased when it comes to KA. She can do no wrong. BOOM.
Nadine: OMG! Could not put it down! KA knows how to write them. *sigh*
Janna: She has done it once again! I LOVED this book! I think it is my favorite of the series so far! She has yet to disappoint me!
Crystal: Loooooved it! *looking outside while looking up and down street and sidewalk*
Gives a questioning look to Crystal and she just smiles

Sophie: I'm totally speechless...I effin' LOVED IT!

LeeAnne: Knight was my ultimate dream Bad Boy and then I met Raid. Knight just took a back seat!

Amanda:  How many of us wants to go out and buy a Schwinn, a Z and a porch swing? Raises both hands
Nadine: I'm getting a basket installed on mine as we sit here.
Crystal: My custom made Schwinn shall be delivered any moment now *keeps looking outside*

Amanda: Dude, what you looking for?

Crystal: Nothing
Sophie: Meeeee!!! Actually a Schwinn with a couple of plush flowers!
Janna: I do I do!!!! Can I get a Raid too?

LeeAnne: WHAT?! You all went to get Schwinn bikes and didn't take me? Bitches! Humph...

Amanda: What was your favorite swoon moment?  For me is when he whispered..."The girl of my dreams."
LeeAnne: Two words: My reward.

Nadine: I'm with LeeAnne on this one. "My reward."
Crystal: The porch conversation *pouting*
Janna: I have two actually. The first is when he says "My Reward" and the second is when he says "she never had my teeth" but that could be the freak in me coming out. HA!
Sophie: Honest and Sexy: "You, the dress, those shoes, that hair, beverages and furniture you can get horizontal on would not be a good combination." 

After catching up with what's going on in our lives and discussing what will happen with Ally and Ren, we sit back and enjoy our meals. Just as we are about to leave Crystal squeals (loudly). We turn to look at her and she's pointing out the window. We look outside to see Raid pulling in with the Jeep while Hanna is riding her Schwinn with Spot in her basket. She stops next to Raid and he kisses her passionately. Then he puts the bike in back of the Jeep while Hanna grabs Spot and goes to passenger side. Raid sees us gawking, he gives us a chin lift, we chin lift back, Hanna winks at us, we give her a thumbs up while Spot mouths Meow.

Let's get this out of the way. First of all, I can relate to each female character that KA has written. Especially with this one. Ya know, how you've always had a crush on a boy thru school and later on in life and you doing nothing to make something happen? Yep, I get that. This is why I pimp KA a lot. Kristen writes "real" women and emotions that fit ME perfectly.

I could go on and on about this book but I'll just point out what I loved about it. I love the relationship between Raid and Hanna even when he acted like a dick, a HUGE dick. He talks no bullshit even if what he says can be hurtful hence him being a dick. And when he wants to "play" with Hanna. Fuuuuuuck Me! Anywho, besides their relationship, there is also the beautfiul bond Hanna has with her great grandmother and her wisdom that she relays to Hanna is what also made me love the story more. 

Raid was hot, dominant and the good guy with that edge of bad boy in him as well.  Hannah is perfect for Raid, she balances him out and gives him a sense that he deserves his reward, her.  The sex is smoking hot!  Holy shit, at times I thought my kindle was going to catch fire and I would need a fire extinguisher to put it out!  Raid can use his teeth on any part of me any time he wants.  

Any man, who can sense that a good woman is his reward for all the bad he has had in his life, is a man I want in my life.    The interactions between Raid, Hannah and Miss Mildred, Hannah’s great grandmother, not only is endearing but cements that nothing is more important than the love of your family and a strong person to guide you through life.  

Raid is without a doubt my favorite book in the Unfinished Hero series.  Kristen Ashley never ceases to amaze me with the depth and feelings that she puts into each book and character development.  In my opinion, she is the queen of writing hot, alpha males that will live within our hearts for the rest of our lives.

 I need a man like Raiden Ulysses Miller. Like STAT!

Let me chant that through my nights and days and maybe, just maybe it will happen as it did for Hanna, but in the meantime, I think I will do something for myself in hopes to get me a hot, alpha like Raid:

I'll get myself a pink bike.

This book did things to me I can’t even explain and at first I was extremely hesitant to even give it a try, but my dearest Amanda never once steered me wrong, and sure enough, this story absolutely blew my mind.

I’m so HAPPY I did!

This was an amazing story from the very beginning. Hanna crushed on Raid for years, her whole life. Raid never knew she existed. Hanna’s dream crush died one day and she set out to make her life better. And when she did, Raid took notice. He noticed in a BIG way!!

Hanna has to learn to deal with Raid’s secret, his bossy alpha-maleness, his PTSD from military service, and his playing in the bedroom. And when Raid wants to play, everyone better hold on because it is HOT, HOT, HOT! 

Hanna and Raid’s story burns up the sheets, the pages, and anyone who reads it. It’s hot, it’s sexy and it’s heart wrenching. Raid has so many issues to work through, all stemming from his military duty. Hanna is the one who can tame the fire burning inside, but can she survive it?

Raiden Ulyssess Miller, the town’s hero, returned from the war haunted by the things he experienced and lives lost.  Hanna Boudreaux, the town’s sweetheart, has been crushing on him her whole life.  Finally, she catches his eye and provides him with the exact healing he needs.

*sigh* Oh Miss Ashley to live in your mind.  This woman can write hot, alpha men like nobody’s business.  I could not put Raid down.  I stayed up long passed my bedtime, but as always, it was well worth the sacrifice.  Like all of her men, of course I fell in love with Raid too.  He’s demanding, but loving and dedicated.  Hanna isn’t a pushover, though she does tend to melt around him.  Can’t blame her; I melted too.  I’ll leave my review with two words that you will absolutely understand once you read it.  “My reward”. 
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Negativ-O! It's Kristen Ashley's AWESOMENESS!! 

Great googly moogly this is another classic, great, fantastic, swoon worthy read by the one and only KA. She seriously can do no wrong. Like SERIOUSLY!! She is the 'Queen of Romance'. She never fails to give us hot alpha males and cute, strong leading ladies.

Raid will have you laughing, swooning, fanning yourself to cool off when it comes times to "play" and sheading a tear or two or more. The chemistry bewteen Raiden and Hanna is undeniably perfect. Hanna's great grandmother, Miss. Mildred is the towns matriarch who is never wrong in all things. Miss Mildreds cat Spot is laugh out loud funny.

Raid is by far my favorite 'Unfinished Hero'. Why? It could be because I have a thing for military men or because I imagine I am Raids "Reward". Hmm let's go with both.
Happy Reading :)


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Maria D. said...

I have not read any of the books in the "Unfinished Heroes" series but I'm going to be adding them to my buy list. Thanks for the spotlight on "Raid"

Brenda Hyde said...

I'm also adding the books to my wish list. I've been hearing such good things about them!

Olivia Tan said...

have not read any of her books, looking forward to read.
thanks for hosting :)


krg said...

I love KA and her alpha men! I am so looking forward to Raid!


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