Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Wait for You by J. Lynn

"Go out with me Avery."
"See?She keeps turning me down."
Jacob shook his head 
"You're an idiot Avery."

On the first of classes at her new university, Avery ran into the back of Cam, the hottest guy on campus. For Avery, it was awful. She doesn’t want any attention. She doesn’t want anyone to look at her. So, she turns and runs away.

Over the next several months, Cam and Avery form a friendship. Cam asks Avery out. She says no. So, begins the campaign to get Avery to go out with Cam. He never gives up. Until she finally says yes…..

But Avery has a secret. She knows once Cam finds out her secret, he’ll turn on her just like everyone in her hometown. So, she keeps it to herself. Until finally, Cam has had enough. He insists on Avery telling him the truth, but Avery is scared.

Avery moved half way across the country to escape her hometown. She was tired of the hate mail, tired of the vicious phone calls. She was tired of people looking at her and talking about her. College was her chance to start over. But things followed her.

This was a great story about learning to let go and move on. It’s a hard lesson to learn in life. One that Avery desperately needs to learn. Cam is the perfect person to help her learn that lesson.

This was an emotional, awesome story. I loved it. I felt so bad for Avery. It was awful enough what happened to her, but the aftermath was worse. The very people who should have protected her, loved her, and supported her, just threw her to the wolves. That shouldn’t happen to anyone. EVER!!!

Cam was perfect. He’s the perfect boyfriend. Even when he would get mad at Avery, I understood it. He had the right to be made. He was justified. Like I said, he’s perfect. Where was he when I was college? I can guarantee you he didn’t go to my university!

Be prepared to laugh, cry, and cringe. You’ll definitely do all three! It’s an amazing tale about coming of age and learning to let go.

Because of this book, I’ll never look at cookie, breakfast, or turtles ever the same way again. I’ll also remember to just look at the stars!


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Ana Blaze said...

Sounds like great read. I'll make certain it's on my to read list. :) Thanks/


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