Friday, March 8, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Cirque by Ryann Kerekes

Ariel’s time as a ballerina with the dance company she has been with has come to an end.  At only eighteen, she knows that ballet, while her mother’s dream, isn’t her entire world.  When she comes across a flyer advertising auditions for a Cirque, she decides to take the chance and live for once, instead of doing what her parents want her to do.  When she is paired with the dangerous and alluring Gabriel, she doesn’t know what to think at first.  She is weary of him, but there is something about him that draws him to her. 
Gabriel has secrets but no one is really sure of his past.  There are various rumors within the troupe that makes up the Cirque, but no one knows his true past.  When he is paired with Ariel for his act, throwing knives, he tries to keep his distance from her.  When he rescues her from a fellow troupe member, will he finally open up to her?  Or, will he continue to push her away, even when that isn’t what he wants?
I loved the connection that Ariel and Gabriel had once they began to really work together.  I think at some point all of us have had a little of Ariel in us, what I mean by that is, wanting to please our parents even if it’s something that we no longer feel passion for.  She lost her passion for ballet, but hadn’t lost her passion for other dance.  She took a chance by being the target for Gabriel’s knives during their act, but she trusted him not to hurt her, and he didn’t, well not physically at least. 
Gabriel is the typical bad boy.  Tattooed and gorgeous; and is irresistible to Ariel.  Too bad he acts like he wants nothing to do with her...or does he?  I knew he had a painful past, something he was running from but when I fond out what it was, I was saying hell yes I would have done the same thing!  Gabriel broke my heart though; he really was the good guy with the bad rep.  He believed he would never fit in Ariel’s life.
I read this straight through, it drew me in and I couldn’t wait to read more.  I felt a connection with the entire story, the author made me feel the emotions that they were feeling.  As I mentioned before, I think everyone has felt that need to please our parents, and this is a good example that sometimes we need to do what is right for us, no one else.  This is a New Adult novel but it doesn’t feel too young like some books due, I recommend this one for sure!  

Ryann 1.jpgRyann Kerekes writes young adult novels with a strong dose of romance. She lives in Minnesotawith a super cute husband and two puppies, one of which may be part monkey. When not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking, laughing and day dreaming about kissing scenes.

Also writing adult romance as Kendall Ryan.Goodreads

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The Autumn Review said...

I really liked this one too. Gabriel was hot.

Leslie Cox said...

Added to my TBR on goodreads. Looking forward to reading it.

Beautiful Disaster said...

Added to goodreads at loriloves2read or lorih824. Thanks

Nancy DeVault said...

I added The Cirque to my Goodreads To Read shelf. Thanks for the giveaway!

Maria D. said...

Love the sound of this book! Thanks for the spotlight and giveaway -added to my GR shelf

Andrea @The Bookish Babes said...

I really need to get this one. I love Ryann's writing. Thanks for sharing!

Bookworm Brandee said...

This one sounds too good to pass up! I added it to my TBR.



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