Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Demon King's Desire by J.L. Sheppard

Mmmmm….who knew a demon could be so damn sexy?  Lucas is hot, old-fashioned, and oh, yeah, the king of demons! He’s fighting a war that started in on his home plane of Treconomia. He’s working desperately to ensure demons, angels, werewolves, faeries, and vampires can all live in peace with humans. Otherwise the human race is toast, as in serve them up on a toast, they’re goners!

Jenna is a reporter for the New York News. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s part of a new race of people. As part of that new race of people, she has the ability to either bring balance to the world, or destroy it. Just an average day in the life of a New Yorker, right?

When Jenna and Lucas meet, the sparks fly. They’re instantly attracted to each other and can barely keep their hands off each other. Lucas understands why. For demons are born knowing there is one in the world that is their destined mate. Lucas has waited for centuries to meet his mate. Jenna, on the other hand has a choice. She can choose whether to accept Lucas as her mate or refuse him.

Add in to all of this, attacks on Jenna, distrusting demons, weres, faeries, vamps and all sorts of other paranormal creatures, Jenna’s lost sisters, and a conspiracy to destroy humankind and you have one hot explosive story!

I really enjoyed this. I was sucked into this story and all the accompanying supernatural creatures and couldn’t put it down! Dang Real Life for invading my reading time! I loved the added suspense of the missing sisters, the conspiracy and deceit. It really added a nice layer to the story.

Jenna and Lucas were amazing characters. Lucas was so old-fashioned he didn’t really know how to woo Jenna, but he did his best. Jenna was not one to sit idly by and let her “Me Tarzan, You Jane” demon king tell her what to do. She pushed back every time he went all caveman on her. Lucas was man enough to admit to Jenna how he felt and Jenna was confident enough to forgive him when he explained his feelings or reasoning for his behavior.  Jenna was a bit insecure about her looks and why Hottie Lucas would want her, but it didn’t overpower the story. She had normal insecurities but we weren’t beat over the head by them.

I was really surprised we found how who the traitor in the story was as well who the mastermind behind the rogue demons. I thought that would be a running mystery through the series, because clearly we are NOT done with this series. So, this makes me curious as to what J.L. Sheppard has in store for us in the future installments.

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