Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review: Just Ask by Mia Downing

Mia Downing, you owe me another box of Kleenex! I loved this book and I cried so hard. My heart went out to both Jordan and Ryan. They were dealing with so much heartache and found solace in each other. It was wonderful.

Jordan’s half uncle has died and he’s on his way to Bendura to spread his ashes and deal with the island resort he’s been left in the will. Ryan is part owner of the resort and want’s to stop Jordan from selling his half of the resort.

Along the way Jordan finds he’s attracted to Ryan. Jordan decides to go for a boys gone wild weekend and indulge his attraction. But what happens at the end of the weekend? Will Jordan sell? Will he follow his heart and go back to Ryan?

I’ve read a few M/M books but they are not my typical genre. I like girly bits mixed into my stories. That being said, there was something so hot and touching about Jordan and Ryan’s story that I couldn’t put it down! I read until the wee hours of the morning. I had to know how it turned out! Waiting until the next day to find out was NOT ACCEPTABLE!

I also found myself crying as they dealt with their grief. Hearing about Blake and they way he lived his life made it that much harder to hear he wasn’t with us anymore. (yes, I know he’s fictional, but if felt real!)

This is an amazingly emotional story that is hot! I want to visit Bendura to skinny dip in the ocean, lay in the hammock and see what naughty things I can find to do!

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The Autumn Review said...

Nice cover!

Mia Downing said...

Thanks so much for the awesome review, Lee Anne! The Kleenex is in the mail. :)

Maria D. said...

Good review! This sounds like a good story


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