Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Cowboy Cop by Rita Herron

Miles McGregor is a detective working on a serial killer case. The mother of his son is one of the victims and his son saw the entire thing! Now they’re at the BBL Ranch to help Timmy deal with what he saw. While there they meet Jordan. Jordan works with the kids and wants to help Timmy heal as well as his dad, Miles.

This was a decent enough suspenseful story. I would have liked a bit more suspense build up to the actual kidnapping. I really like to get the inside thoughts and actions of the killer. We got a little bit of that in the story but more would have made it better!

There wasn’t much romance between Jordan and Miles. There was some attraction during the story but nothing overt. Towards the end, they actually started acknowledging their feelings for each other. However, the actions bothered me a bit. They’re racing through Mexico to try to save Mile’s son, Timmy, yet he’s pulling her clothes off. That didn’t really work for me.

Overall it was a decent enough story. I would have liked more romance and a bit more suspense build up.

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