Monday, March 18, 2013

New Adult Sleepover Weekend in NOW OPEN!!

So the New Adult genre is taking off right now. I have to say, this is a genre that I absolutely love! It seems to be the one place where I can get my sexual tension and that serious dose of emotional panic inducing angst that I crave for in each book.

With all these indie book events popping up, there's one event that I'm making plans to go to. It's called the New Adult Sleepover Weekend! It's a weekend packed with ALL New Adult authors! Here is the list of authors attending right now, which makes me want to go even more! I've read a huge portion of these authors and call some of their books my favorite reads.

What makes this event so cool, is that the person who heads the Author After Dark Convention is heading this one as well! Anyone whose seen pictures or who has gone to AAD knows how damn awesome it is! It's almost a guarantee that this event is going to be loads of fun!! Here is the registration link to sign up. It's very affordable to go for authors and readers. It's one of the lowest fees I've seen for a convention. I plan on being there, and you should too!

Make sure to check out the New Adult Website often. They are doing a bunch of contests up until the event!! Here is the first contest they posted.

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