Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: A Devil's Touch by Victoria Vane

"I need you Diana. You are my light, my sustenance. You are everything to me."

Diana and the Devil DeVere have had a turbulent, rocky, hot romance from the very beginning. Their marriage is no less turbulent and HOT!

Diana is in the last month of pregnancy. DeVere, feeling scared for Diana, refuses to touch her. He’s edgy, frustrated and trying his best. Diana misreads him and thinks he’s fallen out of love and lust with her and has moved on. Boy is she ever wrong. But then, pregnant women aren’t exactly calm and rational. Diana finds “proof” of his infidelity and confronts him. When he explains what the “proof” really was, he demands her total trust. He’s tired of living through her reservations.

What follows is a night of unbridled hotness that will leave you panting!

Diana will show DeVere how much she loves him. DeVere will show Diana that he’s all hers, now and forever.

This is a must read for all Devil DeVere lovers. It gives us a glimpse into the married life between Devil and Diana.

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