Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: Defying the Odds by Kele Moon

This is the first work of Kele Moon’s that I have read and she has already made a fan out of me. I loved how she made Clay, the big bad UFC Champion, growl and snarl at everyone but had a soft spot only for Melody. It was endearing how gentle and overall sweet he was to her. He was kind of like her own personal teddy bear. He knew she had to overcome her past and tried his hardest not to scare her away. I almost cried when they broke up and Clay acted like the world was ending for him. Melody soothed his soul and without her he was missing a piece of himself.

Clay's best friends, Jules and Wyatt, knew he was miserable and did what they had to do to make him happy again. They didn’t give a shit if it pissed him off. They plotted to get Melody where Clay needed her; making me love them too. They were more than friends they were his family.

Melody was sweet and she survived an abusive marriage. She deserved to have a guy like Clay in her life. She deserved to be protected and she was.

I am a UFC fan and will admit at first I was skeptical about how the author was going to work MMA and UFC into the book. She did great! It is not over the top and in your face, but the perfect blend for the storyline. It doesn’t take away from Clay and Melody’s relationship and the feelings they share. It is a great first book in a series that any UFC or MMA fan who is also a fan of romance should put on their must read list.


Maria D. said...

I loved Clay and Melody together- they were so perfect. I haven't been a fan of UFC Fighting but after reading these books...I'm going to give it a try

Chelsea B. said...

I am so starting with this book! Sounds terrific!

LM said...

Hmmm.. Can't wait to read this! Love the set-up


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