Monday, September 3, 2012

Review: Eighty Days Yellow By Vina Jackson

This is the first installment of the trilogy to Vina Jackson's Eighty Days series. I've read where some categorize this book in the "50 Shades era". Umm...that is a lie. I do not or will not say that this story is anything like Fifty Shades. Fifty Shades is romance erotica. This story is a dark erotica with BDSM. No romance. At all.

Summer Zahova, a violinist is barely making it. She flows thru life with the attitude of come what may. She's kind of a loner with just a handful of friends who get introduced later on in the story and play a part in the lifestyle she falls into. Aside from being a loner, she is also an exhibitionist and will try anything once. For extra income, she plays in a train station. One day while she's playing the violin in the train station she gets jostled in a fight and her violin gets broken. She feels lost without it. It's her first love.

Enter Dominik, a college professor with a healthy sexual appetite that includes some BDSM. He encounters Summer at the train station before the violin accident. He goes back to hear more of her music but she's never there when he goes. Later on while reading the newspaper he reads about the report of a fight at the train station and about a violin being broken where Summers name is mentioned. He looks Summer up on Facebook and leaves her a message saying that he will gift her with a new violin if she is willing to accept his challenge and terms. She accepts and they meet at a coffee shop where he lays out his terms.

Summer has a feeling sex will be involved and she's fine with it. At first, sex is not on the agenda but after a performance they both get in the moment and it's a raw connection. It's not a committed relationship though. They can each do what they want- and believe me they do.

After a certain episode happens between Summer and Dominik and said friends, they both decide to not see each other. Summer is given the chance to go to New York to play in an orchestra and she does but unfortunately chooses to go down a dark path in BDSM, slavery and humiliation. Dominik receives a call that she's in New York, where she's unhappy and he travels to her.

Favorite passages: they had both lowered their defenses, exposed themselves fully to each other, banishing the past, the mistakes, the roads taken in error and now regretted.

May be this would work out after all, go beyond the bed and the sex and the darkness he well knew they both harboured deep inside their souls. Maybe.

It's not a bad read, it's just not in my top of TBR stack. What I didn't like is that Summer knew what might happen to her and she wants it done because she's curious. I may be a curious person, but what she experiences the first "bad" time, I wouldn't be going back for more. What I liked about the story is that the author gives another side to the BDSM world. For someone coming off the 50 bandwagon, this is a wake up call in showing it's not all hearts and flowers. I will continue to read the other two, Eighty Days Blue and Eighty Days Red to see what becomes of Dominik and Summer and their adventures.

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steph from said...

BDSM surely isn't for me. I like reading about it and trying to understand it. I think that perhaps understanding a sub is beyond me b/c I am not one.
Due to 50 Shades the theme in reading is extremely popular and populated and it seems like every other person in the world must be into it.


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