Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Unraveling the Past by Beth Andrews

Layne has some serious issues going on with her, for good reason though. She has had to take care of her younger sisters after her mom left them and her dad 18 years ago. She should have been the next Chief of Police, but that is taken away from her when Chief Ross Taylor moves to town with his niece in tow. She fights with her sisters and doesn’t want to depend on anyone since she learned not too when her mom walked out. To make matters worse, she is attracted to her boss, Chief Taylor, even though she is trying not to.

Ross tries to keep his personal and professional relationships separate from each other at all costs. Trying to deal with his out of control teenage niece, Jess, is proving to be more difficult than he originally imagined. Add to that he is investigating a homicide that has personal ties to Layne while fighting his own attraction to her. He has to learn how to get along with Jess, because so far it’s like world war 3 between the uncle and niece and world war 4 is around the corner waiting to begin. He definitely has a lot to learn on being a guardian to a teenage girl.

I think this is a good start to this trilogy. My only complaint is that the ending leaves you hanging. You don’t know what happens with Jess, Ross’ niece, and while you know that the story has to carry on in the next book, it almost cut off too abruptly. I am interested to see how this trilogy will pan out, it has good potential. The story isn’t overly heart wrenching, but depending on how Beth Andrews plays out this storyline, it definitely could be. Unraveling the Past shows us to watch what we may say to those we love, because you never know when words said out of anger may be the last words said to a loved one.

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