Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Ménage After Midnight by Madelynne Ellis

Being set in Georgian England, it’s a lot more acceptable that a woman has curves.  Even if it is historical, it was still nice to see that.  Paris totally loves Sophia and even imagines what she’ll look like without all the layers and certainly appreciates her “round rump”.  

At first, Sophia kind of lies to him a bit, by omitting the little fact that her husband would be joining them.  Once that’s past though, it’s actually a very sexy and very sweet story.  I love the honesty with which Alexander expresses himself.  

The love scenes are vivid and you get a variety of different positions and combinations, making it that much more satisfying.  The romance side of it is heartwarming, both in the marriage that Sophia and Alexander have to begin with, but also how they welcome Paris into their bed and their lives.  Ménage after Midnight is a very enjoyable read!


Lee Anne said...

I got the same impressions as you when I read the book. Nice Review!

Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - I haven't read this yet - will add it to my list


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