Friday, September 14, 2012

Review: Where There’s A Will by Karen Kelley

Haley Tillman prays for a miracle.  Actually she prays for a man; a hot, sexy, above mere mortal man.  She’s tired of getting stood up and disappointed.  Above all she really wants to get laid.  Ryder answers her prayers.  Literally!  He’s half angel and half mortal; a Nephilim.  Overhearing her prayers, Ryder decides to take action. 

I want a guardian angel!  Seriously, Ryder if you’re out there… Where There’s A Will is a hot, sexy read.  Ryder is confident and so alpha.  He pushes Haley out of her comfort zone.  He brings her fantasies to life.  What woman wouldn’t want that!  She experiences things she never would have before.  Haley lacks self confidence and as a result is a bit of a pushover.  I can’t blame her though; the poor thing.  Her own family considers her frumpy and the “fat girl”.  It takes a Nephilim to reveal the sexy, feisty jewel that’s underneath.  Real emotions develop between them.  But, how can it work when one lives forever and the other a mortal?  I was rooting for this two to the very end.

Add this to your shelf when you’re in the mood for something steamy.

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Maria D. said...

Thanks for the review - this sounds like a book I will enjoy reading


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