Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Contractual Obligation by Tymber Dalton

Contractual Obligation is another great story by Tymber Dalton.

Harper is CEO of the family company. Her dad has warned her, get a personal life or he’ll take the company back over from her. So, Harper decides to get a personal life, on her terms! She hires a new Executive Assistant that’s young, hot and single. As part of his job, he’s to act like her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Doug is in love with Tate. But Doug’s parents are about to lose their home. So, he takes Harper’s job and leaves Tate. When Harper finds out about Tate, she send Doug off to England and hires Tate. She’s determined to right the wrong she inadvertently made.

However, Tate has other plans. And he pulls Doug in with him.

This was a great story. It was easy going, not much angst and of course we got our HEA!

Of course, as with other Tymber Dalton books, we got some very steamy M/M action, some MMF action and some good old-fashioned spanking! Doug is a take-charge kind of guy and he’s determined to take care of Tate and Harper.

One of the things I really liked about this story was the interaction between the guys and Harper. Harper is a self-confident, strong, independent CEO. She’s in charge of her company and she does it well. Doug and Tate take charge in the bedroom, but NEVER interfere with her business savvy. They leave the company to her and support her. They take care of her outside the boardroom. It was nice to have a woman who could take care of business and the men in her life didn’t interfere. They didn’t feel a need. They didn’t step in, they didn’t offer up unsolicited advice, they trusted her to do what she did best, run the company.

She, in turn, trusted them to take care of her outside the office. They did it exceptionally well!

Now, I’m off to find another Tymber Dalton book I haven’t read yet!

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