Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review: Perfect Lie by Teresa Mummert

Delilah “Lie” had a connection so strong with Brock that nothing could sever it.  What they shared consumed both of them, but it is what also caused their relationship to fall apart.  When she moves away to start her life over, the past won’t let her go.  She meets Abel and their relationship at times is a ticking time bomb, every time you start to think that Lie can let go of her past and open up to Abel she shuts down once again.

Abel knows that Lie is keeping something major from him, and he is doing the same with her.  He wants to get closer to Lie but it seems like she knows exactly what to do to turn him into a massive asshole even when he just wants to take care of her and protect her.  When Lie’s secrets are revealed can he show her that it’s not her fault and that life isn’t always easy?
Lie has had a shit life to put it bluntly.  She wasn’t wanted by her mother, who made sure she knew it.  She was bullied in school so horribly that it broke my heart.  She meets Brock and their friendship and eventual relationship brings her back to life but also breaks her in more ways than I will tell you.  Brock was her protector, her first love and the one person who she thought would never hurt her.  When she moves away, she reinvents herself but the past is never far behind.  The people she thinks are her friends bully her just like everyone in high school did, well everyone except Abel.  But even Abel can be such an asshole at times it makes you question why she still is attracted to him.

Abel, god you can be such a douchebag to Lie even though at the same time you want to be her friend, her protector and so much more.  One minute I am routing for you the next I hope she kicks you in the balls, but even then I see though the bullshit you pull.  Abel is who Lie needs to open up to, trust and move on with and it takes him a lot to finally get her to trust him.  Abel has his own secrets, ones that when you learn and everything you have read begins to make sense you are blown away.
First let me say this. HOLY FREAKING SHIT WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ?!?!  Ok now that is out of the way I will explain my little freak out.  Perfect Lie is not at all what you believe.  Is it a love story?  Yes.  Is it a New Adult book?  Yes.  Does it have hurt, pain, tragedy and angst?  You damn well bet it does, but it also has so much more that I am at a loss for words on how to describe everything that is Perfect Lie.  That loss for words is a good thing TRUST ME cause baby I so didn’t see what happens coming. 

This book NEEDS to be on your TBR pile and it NEEDS to be read sooner rather than later.  This is the first book by Teresa Mummert that I have ever read, yeah I know why I ever waited so long is beyond me, but I promise it won’t be the last.  I hope that she continues on and writes Brock’s book, because I really feel that we need his story to feel even more for Lie than what we already do.

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