Monday, January 6, 2014

Review: Wanted by J. Kenner

I love J. Kenner novels. I always find myself sucked in and anxious to see what happens next. Wanted is no exception! I was sucked in immediately and read the entire book in one setting!

In Wanted we have the sexy rich alpha male. We also have the sweet innocent that adores him. What’s different about this one? They’ve known each other for years. She wants him. He wants her. He won’t act on it.

There are things she doesn’t know about him. Things that can create some very real problems for her. We have the added benefit of some suspense in the story. It’s not much suspense, but enough to add some tension to the story.

Angie and Evan are explosive. Their chemistry is off the charts and hot as hell! Angie wanted Evan and went after him. She may have been innocent in certain things about Evan, but she knew she loved him and wanted him!

Evan tried to do the right thing. He did. He tried to stay away. But he couldn’t resist her any more than she could resist him.

I was intrigued and couldn’t put the book down. My only complaint is that I wanted the suspense to be involved than it was. There are more books coming in the Most Wanted Series and I can’t wait to read them. Now, this one is a stand alone. There’s no cliffhanger. Angie and Evan’s story is complete in this story. The other stories in the series are about Evan’s friends.  Bring them on! I’m ready!

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