Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: Unraveled

Unraveled is a compilation of 8 stories by various authors. Some of the authors I've read before and others were new authors to me. I wrote a little bit about each of the stories in the book. 

Yours to Take by Cathryn Fox

This was a sweet short story. It had a lot of potential to be longer. However, in the short story, Cathryn Fox managed to bring us some hot times.

 Yield to Me by Sarah Castille

I have a new found love for MMA stories. This time we have a female MMA fighter and this was one HOT story! Marcy is trying to go pro in the MMA world. Jax has been hired to help her. She’s a sexual submissive and he’s a Dom. Only in the world of MMA, submitting isn’t what it’s about. I loved this short story. It was hot and it was emotional. Sarah Castille managed to make me feel so much for these characters in such a short time.

Complete Abandon by Julia Kent

Did not read this story. It’s a continuation of Her Billionaire’s Boxed Set, Random Acts of Crazy and It’s Complicated. Author’s not informed me we would understand the story more if we’ve read those. I’ve read none of them, so I skipped it.

Three Little Words by Lauren Hawkeye

This was an interesting tell about second chances, redemption and finding love wherever and however you can. Lauren Hawkeye packed a lot of emotion and depth into this story.

Taken by Storm by Opal Carew

Easy going read. Not any angst. Small town girl falls for bad-boy rocker. She’s cautious and he’s….NOT.  It was a cute romance. Very straightforward and fun to read.

How to Choose a Cowboy by Daire St. Denis

This is my second Daire St. Denis book. I enjoyed the read. It was short and sexy. It’s touted as an interactive, choose your destiny book. I was expecting more choices than I was given, so I was a bit disappointed in that.

The Vampire Design

I have several Vivi Anna books on my TBR and this just made me bump them up the list! It was short but packed full of a sexy vampire! I loved it and I was wishing it was longer!

Anything He Wants: Atonement

This is a follow up to Anything He Wants. I really wish I had read the rest of the series first. There are obviously things that happened in those stories that impacted some of the happenings in this one. That being said, it just made me want to read those stories, RIGHT NOW! This was a hot short story and I loved it!

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